New Artist: Stuart Smith


Stuart Smith has made a great impression on indie folk/rock ears!

In the tradition of great singer/songwriters like Chris de Burgh and those in the same category, Stuart Smith has carved his own distinctive style which will attract hordes of fans! His tunes go down easily like expensive Irish whiskey. There is that sunny vibe in all his recordings. This is pop music with leanings on blues, folk and acoustic rock. He is from Leeds and his press photo reminds me a bit of the young Liam Gallagher. He has a mellow voice and is fond of incorporating vocal harmonies. That latter style is exactly what made his tunes captivating: half Beach Boys and half British folk but with a very 2014 freshness.

There is not much to write about Stuart Smith for now as he is just uploading the materials he recorded and making rounds in social networks. But I know there will be more of him soon as he is very promising with regards to his material. Stay tuned!

Click each of the links below to listen to his songs.

Liane Scholz proves why Vlogs are important to singer/songwriters

When I love  a certain song then I want to know more about the artist. My obsession with ‘knowing’ has been an effective tool in catapulting me into the world of blogging. If only I knew of this craft in the very early 90s then I would have blogged for decades. But alas! Internet came when I was approaching my late 20s. But then again it shows that anyone can adapt to new things.

This new video by Canadian artist Liane Scholz is endearing and entertaining. She also showcases other talents. You can also hear a traditional tune she performed. She has a diverse musical taste and this is reflected to her tunes. Vlogs are windows to an artist’s craft. It lets us ‘know’ more about the person behind the tunes. And that knowledge is good in making a fan out of us. So I dare you artists out there. Don’t be shy. Show the world what you’ve got. Show your humanity. And then you will win our hearts.