I can feel the tidal wave of Pressures by Avid Light



Pressures is the new album by Avid Light available now.

Avid Light releases an irresistible new album Pressures. 

They grew up playing together in their church. And now they have a new album out. Pressures was released late October. Their sound is wrapped in beautiful melodies and anthemic harmonies. It is alternative rock in the style of bands like Muse, Coldplay, The 1975, Switchfoot, and Radiohead. In their quieter moments, their atmospheric sounds is comparable to Sigur Ros.

Pressures opens with Fear with sweeping chords and the tidal waves of sounds in the chorus part. Singer Chase Castleberry has awesome pipes especially when he hits the high notes with intensity and also sing in heartbreaking nuance. Fade Away is a potential radio hit as it is great to sing to. I found myself singing along and even though belting is not my strong point, it is really fun to do it with this song. I noticed tal-pressures-album-cover-hi-res-1024x1024that the guitars have luminous sound courtesy of Tanner Terhune. Strong Enough to Last is another fave ballad. I like the robust drums of Colton Baum. Journey has that soft intro that sounds like church bells but the beats catch you by surprise. It’s really awesome. It’s a nice track move your body to. And yes once again Castleberry steals the show with his amazing singing. I don’t know how they make it, but every song is catchy. I think you can play their record everywhere and get a positive response from people. Like they would say ” hey I just listen one time and I already memorize the melody.”

Walls has an operatic rock quality. It is due to that melodic line from the guitar that repeats all throughout the song. 110 has a warm cello and strings. The song is wrapped around the acoustic guitar. The poignant subject is further enhanced by the melody that reminds me of the sky lightening after the rain. This is the band’s masterpiece in my opinion. Ethereal instrumental sounds gather in Dream of Fire. Like wading a pond steeped in flowers under the noon sun, this song shines brightly with each listen. Rise and Fall is typical mainstream rock. Not really my favourite but I am sure it will appeal to people who are into complex rock melodies.

I like this band. Next assignment is to listen to their Christmas album!

Download Pressures via iTunes.


Watch list: Rachael Mc Cormack – Under The Bullet [4K | Music Video]

Hot Press promo shot.

Hot Press promo shot.

When was the last time you’ve seen a high quality video in youtube? I give my vote to this one as it is shot in 4K. You know those high definition videos made for retina iMacs that have vibrant colors.

Under The Bullet showcases the amazing vocal range of Irish singer/songwriter Rachael McCormack. She’s been giggling all her life and supporting local bands before launching her own solo career. Seems like good karma is on her side. This song/music video represents what it is to be a strong Irish woman in the midst of a destructive relationship. It is not about crying but getting back and kicking someone who has wronged you. What a good thing! This video has also been featured in Soundfeed: http://thesoundfeed.com/rachael-mc-cormack-bullet/

This is also accompanied with a good Hot Press promo: http://www.hotpress.com/Rachael-McCormack/news/WATCH-Rachael-McCormack-unveils-new-video/15424920.html

Dir. DG MEDIA | © Universal Music Group 2015
Contact: DG Media | Rachael McCormack


The Imposter by Joel Sarakula is a beautiful tribute to 60s Pop

JS The Imposter Cover - Small

The Imposter marks the evolution of our musical hero Joel Sarakula into the realm of r&b, psychedelia and 60’s pop inspired themes. His melodies come out smoothly. As if he has thought of them for a long time before recording them. I say this because it sounds like each note in The Imposter falls into place. For the opening track They Can’t Catch Me up to the closing Another Place Another Time, the wizard of retroville keeps getting better with each album release.

The Imposter reminds me of Cream and Velvet Underground mixed with that smooth Quiet Storm crooning. Each song oozes with sexiness and warmth. This album is meant to live forever on vinyl. And all you vinyl collectors out there, watch out for that format when it comes out in the market.

While his last album The Golden Age is akin to afternoon sun striking the surface of a platinum table, The Imposter reminds me of pearls falling on silk sheets. There’s that natural elegance especially on songs like When Summer Ends, Northern Soul, Coralie and Young Man’s Game. Chelsea Gun is my personal favourite as it features that beautiful harpsichord sound. But hey I love all of the tracks here. There’s never a dull moment. And after the sultry Another World Another Time has ended, I feel like the album should have been longer. This is a natural feeling you get when all songs are fantastic!

Children of the Higher Light sounds like a potential single. It has that infectious beat and very catchy chorus. European Skies is another track that would appeal to the hipster crowd. With its swooning atmosphere(in an almost disco beat) and 70s breezy melody, this is getting into me as faster than you can say ear worm!JS Espionage Promo

His live shows are very much in demand in Europe especially in Germany where he has fervent followers. I am not surprise, as we are in general give priority to beautiful melodies and sleek production techniques. Although this  is just a personal opinion, but we can’t deny that there is a good reason why he is getting a huge amount of followers out there.

It baffles me how he gets everything together this way. He did mention during our last interview that he is coming up with something r&B and chill out inspired but still this comes as a surprise. The Imposter is 5 out of 5 starts. Yes it is perfect and I swear I am going to take this album everywhere I go!

November 6 is the official release of The Imposter.


After two days of listening to this album, I have a new favorite. It’s the sixth track in the album called Happy Alone. Perhaps it’s the melody, or the instruments…or maybe it’s his Burt Bacharach-like vocals. It’s really beautiful. It has the same poignant beauty as his single Matchstick Girl (from The Golden Age). The song starts with the piano and guitar. Then the verse starts and I close my eyes. When it reaches the chorus, it definitely one of the most beautiful songs of this decade. He also has a knack for adding horn sections and vocal harmonies.It’s pure and free from the cynicism of many songs today. I am sure that when I listen to this twenty years from now, I will still wear that pleasant smile. There are songs that are meant to endure the test of time and this has got to be it!

If You Haven’t Heard Of Ed Roman Yet…

If you haven’t heard of Ed Roman yet, then don’t be left behind. His music is the perfect soundtrack for summer and perhaps all seasons. His sophomore album Letters from High Latitudes has thirteen feel-good tracks. If you want to boost your endorphin levels then I suggest you play his album, crank the volume up and then party like you’ve never done before. IMG_0514

He is Canadian, and it’s natural for me to like Canadians. They are lovely and amazing people. The country has produced wonderful artists ranging from those you’ve heard on the radio already and those that you haven’t heard yet- but I did 😉 The first single off Letters from High Latitudes is Jamaica. What a perfect timing. I was listening to UB 40 before writing this review so I am in a reggae mood.

Jamaica is a global anthem that reflect’s the singer-songwriter’s sentiments. He took those experiences and also passion for travelling and distilled them into this song. Perhaps you haven’t heard of “Ed Heads” from around the world yet. Those listeners seduced by his music and became passionate fans. Once you hear Jamaica, you will also look for his other songs and then you will eventually get a copy of Letters from High Latitudes. Remember his name: Ed Roman.

You can but Letters from High Latitudes though iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/i-told-you-so/id849345060?

Callaghan Makes an Auspicious Single with Who Would I Be.

One of the sweetest voices in the Pop Americana scene arrives just when we are experiencing the lack of female singer/songwriters who are like Tori Amos,Sarah Mclachlan and Kate Bush.  Her official music video “Who Would I Be’ has circulated in the internet enough to reach wider ears. I

t’s a beautifully written ballad showcasing her pure soprano voice. Like the other recent artists I’ve featured in this blog, I discovered her through Instagram. It would be awesome if music lovers like me would get together and talk about new voices in the indie pop/alternative scene. And I tell you, Who Would I be would be played often! It is one of my newer favourites and I wish it climbs the charts so that more people will come to appreciate her beautiful voice and melodies.

Few things I gathered about Callaghan.



-She spends her time between Nashville and London.

-Her record label is called Green Town Music

-Her music is labelled as Pop, Americana.

-Her new album “A History of Now” released this month, April 2015

-Her influences are Elton John, Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay, Shawn Mullins, Buddy Holly

You can find her through the following accounts: