Storm EP by Dominion: A taster of what’s to come.

Dominion storm ep album cover-side

Dominion are:

* Doi Porras- Vox . Lyrics
* Michael Ramos- Guitars
* Luis Murillo – Bass
* Dave Jurgens: Drums
* Ollie Palma – Keyboards

Influences: The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission UK, The Cult, FIelds of the Nephilim,David bowie, 80s post punk , Peter Murphy

Only a week before Halloween and I have here a copy of Storm by Dominion. The 3-song EP rocks until the end and leaves a great impression of what’s to come from this band musically. Their music has all the elements that genre aficionados are looking for. And on top of that there is this live energy that’s very unique with the band.

I got a copy of Storm the single around February 14, 2013. I posted an entry :

Storm is embellished with dark melodies and haunting keyboards courtesy of Ollie Palma. Lead vocalist Doi Porras reminds me of the unholy matrimony between Robert Smith of The Cure and Wayne Hussey of The Mission. The drums, bass and guitars are aggressive but sophisticated. Yes that’s Goth beauty for you-along with the term haunting.

Two years later, here comes the EP containing three songs. Usually, other bands could not wait to release a full-length album but they are taking  a less impulsive route. For whatever reasons I will find out when I get to do an interview with the band soon.

The EP starts with the title track. This goes straight into the guts as I already heard this two years ago. I know the three-note keyboard line of Ollie Palma in the midst of the portentous guitar sound. And then there’s that beat and powerful vocals. Mandirigma follows which is interesting because it is in Tagalog. The native language of Doi Porras. I love the keyboards because they remind me of those used by bands like Tiamat and The Mission. From the death rock snarl to an almost operatic highs, Doi Porras proves that he has the pipes that can give their UK counterparts a run of their money.

The Last Time closes the EP with that familiar guitar sound characteristic of the genre. This song will spoil Goth fans. And though Storm is short, This recording shows us what Dominion is capable of achieving in years to come. It is also worth to mention that I love the work of bassist Luis Murillo and drummer Dave Jurgens in this recording.

As Halloween is drawing near, I recommend Storm to all music enthusiasts out there who would like to support Filipino talents abroad. This is a perfect taster of what’s to come from this LA based band.

Visit the band’s website to download the EP: WWW.DOMINIONDOMINATION.COM

Chosen Picks of the Day (6 Tracks)

Yes I said day because I am not sure if I will be posting tomorrow, the day after or next week. All I know is that blogging need momentum to happen. I was stuck going to the gym for weeks and that took most of my passion. But after two days of resting I finally picked up my Macbook Air and started typing and here I am. Isn’t it great to be back? And also this time I feel easy. I don’t need to say something clever or wise. I am sounding like myself when I talk in real life. I can b;ab for hours if the conversation is interesting. Like when it is about music, art or other non mainstream issues.

So what do we have here? These are tunes I got from my SoundCloud stream. I like to lurk and listen to tracks published by friends or people I haven’t chatted with. But if they sound fascinating then I listen to them and then recommend them. It is great to be able to have a mix of different genres from hiphop to acoustic. Music is music in whatever form.

Don Beekeeper- I’ll Be Your Mirror( Velvet Underground Cover)

Don Beekeeper is a singer/songwriter/poet and photographer from Canada. He has a huge body of work from each one. He has released several albums. These days he is concentrating on raising his kid.This is a simple tribute to one of my favorite bands. Enjoy! And oh give him a shoutout via Soundcloud if you like this song.

Samrix- The One I lost Today

This is a read to lovers of #EDM. I love the instant appeal of this song. His voice is awesome. I love the production and the overall style of the song. It has a very stylish artwork. I get the feeling he is going to be HUGE one day. Listen and judge for yourself 😉

Alex Pardini-I Feel Grey

This European artist has produced excellent body of works in a few years. He owns a label and creates music the indie way. He is also an excellent singer. I love his production techniques. His songs are slick and they have a natural elegance in them. Just like himself.

Anosphere/Paula- In A World of Love

Paula has that unmistakable vocal sound. I know right away it’s her even with my eyes close 😉 I love the electronic music of Anosphere. It’s slick, smooth and has that chill out vibe. Yes after a long day of work this is the perfect tune you need to listen to.

Altocirrus-Project Panorama – 2-2

This is a group composed of members from Ireland and New Zealand. They are seasoned musicians. They have great songs and I urge you to check out their other albums. All available through BandCamp and other outlets. I love how this tracks starts gradually, then builds up into an amazing cornucopia of instruments and harmonies.

Play-Jay- Of Time

If you don’t know yet, Play-Jay’s real name is Paul Jarvis. He’s the son of Clannad’s lead vocalist and harpist Moya Brennan, the sister of Enya. There, just to let you know how fantastic his gene pool is. This is his solo work. Looking forward to his full – length album in a not so distant future. His music is chill out and atmospheric. I love the simplicity and elegance of it. This is a mature sound from someone who has worked with music since his early teens.

I hope you enjoy this brief review of new songs. And please give me the mojo to continue blogging!

Cool Song-Better Place by Anders Biegel

Here is a a feel good song  from a singer/songwriter based in Denmark. I discovered him through Instagram and found out he has a song playing in Spotify. I like his voice. It’s strong, distinctive and clear. Regarding the tune, it’s filled with high keys and pulsing melodies that come in and out of the stanzas. They swirl and bumped against each other during the chorus-beautiful sounds.
“Take me to a better place,
Up to the light for a change.”
His songwriting is sincere and they reflect what he does in life. He is a runner with a website dedicated to fitness and well-being. I think this is brilliant as the music scene is already saturated with angst-ridden artist. I don’t classify him among the acoustic/coffee shop musicians as his sound has a richer grander style. His sound is suited to orchestras and arena-type rock music. But in place of guitars you have keyboards. He loves his acoustic guitar and brings it everywhere.
Facts and Figures from The Marwills.
Whenever I hear a tune from Canadian rock band The Marwills, I feel like I am transported into the great era of the 70s when there was punk and funk rock. I love the lead vocals as it reminds me of what’s been missing in mainstream rock these days. And oh, it’s not just mainstream rock but all music that you could possible download in iTunes or hear on the radio. I love a powerful male voice with a terrific range and not something engineered in the studio. It looks like The Marwills are paving the way for ‘real’ music to finally come through. But I guess we will have to wait for a few years until the mainstream can catch up!
Nouvelle Electro receive a nod from Andy Gillespie of Simple Minds
Hi, we’re delighted that Andy Gillespie, synths for Simple Minds, has listened to “Icon” today and gave the track positive feedback! -Nouvelle Electro.
This is a shout-out from Nouvelle Electro which are a dou of Paula  and Ian Henderson. They have just released a remixed of their single “Icon” which is a tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe. I think Paula has captured the sweet cooing vocals of the late thespian and, one of the delightful surprises of this song is the audio sample of Ms Monroe talking.

Drinking creative whiskey on a Monday morning with Don Beekeeper

It is a manic Monday but in case you want to stop for a while and drink the atmosphere from a song that promises to get you ‘creatively drunk’ then check this track out. It is called Drinking Whiskey from Don Beekeeper. Don has been heavily concentrating on his poetry page as well as photography. He is also helping raise a baby so this year is a wonderful one for him. Don Beekeeper lives in Toronto and he has released a couple of EPs and albums.

In Drinking Whiskey, his voice sounds gentle. There is also this punctuated chord effect that serves as a drum on top of the tambourine. I like that because it sounds haunting.

Don Beekeeper never disappoints and listeners will always be surprised.I wish there is a vehicle for his music to reach the wider mainstream so that many will learn to appreciate his many gifts as an artist.

I look forward to more recordings from this fantastic Canadian singer/songwriter. And please help spread the word. Have a great Monday!

Drinking Whiskey – Don Beekeeper by Don Beekeeper

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Liane Scholz proves why Vlogs are important to singer/songwriters

When I love  a certain song then I want to know more about the artist. My obsession with ‘knowing’ has been an effective tool in catapulting me into the world of blogging. If only I knew of this craft in the very early 90s then I would have blogged for decades. But alas! Internet came when I was approaching my late 20s. But then again it shows that anyone can adapt to new things.

This new video by Canadian artist Liane Scholz is endearing and entertaining. She also showcases other talents. You can also hear a traditional tune she performed. She has a diverse musical taste and this is reflected to her tunes. Vlogs are windows to an artist’s craft. It lets us ‘know’ more about the person behind the tunes. And that knowledge is good in making a fan out of us. So I dare you artists out there. Don’t be shy. Show the world what you’ve got. Show your humanity. And then you will win our hearts.