Alex Pardini Always Succeeds With Slick Groovy Songs in Bye Bye Bird

Every time Swiss musician/songwriter Alex Pardini releases an EP or Album, he always has a place in this blog. His sound is the stuff of early evening when you unwind. His is the sound of urban grooves and philosophical musings that transcend genre and culture.
Bye, Bye Bird is his new EP comprising of two songs, the title track and One Of Us. Ironically it reminds me of an ABBA song back in the early 80s; however, sonically, it’s purely sophistipop with a touch of smooth jazz and faint Italo disco. Just light, which is perhaps accidental.
I appreciate his backing vocals and chord progressions. I also find the beats done well. There is a hint of 70s nostalgia. This works for me because I am a 70s guy in terms of aesthetics.
I love this release. We need more.