Sugar, Cream and Soul with Billy Grima

Yes, Ontario-based soulful singer songwriter Bill Grima is an exciting name in Canadian music. His latest album, Sugar and Cream, is playing on about 80 US/Canada college stations. He is also an IMEA Awards nominee.cover170x170

If you are in the mood for something not the usual, then check out the latest album from Billy Grima titled Sugar & Cream. I think the title speaks for the songs in the album, his overall style which, if you liken them to food; they are a stuff of good flavours. He has two video out on YouTube: Calendar Girl and I Miss You Baby. Sugar & Cream is an album that showcases his vocal range and talent as an excellent singer-songwriter. Experience has provided so much depth in his style of playing that people can’t help but warm up to his tunes.

Soulful singers have the capacity to express a range of emotions that tell you, this is what singing should be about. Singing is about expressing the longing in your heart. It is about belting out the blues that many can relate to, be it break ups, poverty, depression or any kind of day-to-day topics. Every songwriter has a story to tell. And every story touches lives.

Sugar & Cream will appeal to both fans of pop, country and soul music. Listen to samples below.

The Versatile Luke Minx

Music Video Cover by Luke Minx Performing “Thinkin’ Bout You” by Frank Ocean.

Download: Thinkin’ Bout You :

Photo: John Mediana

Photo: John Mediana

Recorded by Eric “E” Surratt of MR3 Studios

Video Directed and Edited by John Mediana…

Contact Maddi Jane Management: / @murdamurphy

I stumbled upon this pop artist via Instagram. He is an actor model and yes, singer/songwriter from Kansas. I don’t know if you will agree with me if I say that people with acting and modelling backgrounds have the gift of charisma. As when they know how to develop this gift then I think they will really become famous. It doesn’t matter if you are not into pop music. This artist is excellent in guitar and piano. In fact, his Instagram posts have short videos featuring him doing covers. His falsetto is so clear you’d though he is not human. I am not a huge fan of r&b but Minx knows how to reinvent the genre making it accessible to many people.

I will keep my eyes and ears on him and see how he climbs the charts sooner than anyone can expect. He gives off an aura of kindness and sincerity which are probably just my subjective observation but I can’t deny there is something about Luke Minx. And we will all know that soon.


February 2015 Indie Music Updates

Hello folks! It’s a soothing weekend and I am bringing to you updates on cool music around the web. It’s amazing to know that 2015 is anther great year of music. We have electronic,acoustic and other types of music that’s ‘not radio.’

I discovered Alex Pardini more than a year ago when I stumbled upon his music on the web. Since thn we have kept a tight correspondent covering many topics including photography( he’s a pro). He gets better each year as he creates fantastic and elegant tunes. His music speaks to the side of me who likes finer, better and beautiful things in life. This is the first playlist I listened upon waking up. These are evening tunes but then again, beautiful music is always enriching any time of the day. So good, so rich!


If you like something acoustic and soothing then check this song by singer/songwriter J.P. Kallio. What I like about his songs is that, you can appreciate his songs even if you are not a fan of folk music. His recordings are always excellent in terms of clarity and balance. This is the kind of quality that I look for in any stripped down tune.


Whenever I listen to any Michael Stovall song, I get carried away. His emotional pieces always have a room for the ‘soundtrack of your life’ kind of moment. The depth of lyrics and beautiful singing are his strong points. The melodies are his gold.


Talents between New Zealand and Ireland have created Altocirrus. I feel so fortunate to listen to their latest album plus review it for this site!


This musical asset of Romania by the name of LeVant continues to dazzle me with his unique ideas. His tunes are somewhat in the  pop-but not so pop, category. His deep understanding of Classical, Medieval,Jazz,Electronic is astounding. Unjaded is his latest release.


Pierre Masse continues to dabble with different styles of music. From acoustic to electronic, his versatility is excellent. I don’t think any artist who started a career doing acoustic rock could pull that off elegantly. And he did. Amazing!


I am enjoying this new upload from Norwegian artist Kjell Roll Elgsaas. Very energetic and complex. Beautiful beats.


And last but not the least, I need you to listen to this beautiful song from Cornish singer/songwriter Dan Aston.  Lemonade Sea is the title. This is recorded at The VIP Lounge in Penzance and featuring Sue Aston on violin and members from Cornish jazz band, Endangered Species.

Enjoy your weekend with beautiful music.

Alex Pardini ft. Juan Pablo Eduardo Da Silva Montero Guadalajara Fernando De Maria Ruìz Cruz

Wow what a name. Yeah it’s a long name. It really catches your attention huh? The fact is, this is a new single by Alex Pardini  featuring according to him : my brother from another mother. Is it just me or they look identical except for the beard and shades? I don’t know. You be the judge.

This is a nice soulful tune. I admit I can’t resist doing the hand movement. It looks so cool haha. For a year now, Alex Pardini has been entertaining me with sophisticated pop tunes. His style is different from those I usually review and I think this is his selling point.

The song is called “For You And Me” which is a love song for us all I guess. I mean who makes love songs directed to oneself these days huh? All I hear are always the break up or make up stuff directed to the opposite sex. It is really refreshing to listen to something different from that. I hope one day Juan Pablo Eduardo Da Silva Montero Guadalajara Fernando De Maria Ruìz Cruz will take those glasses off and reveal himself!……

Dennis McCalmont embraces the tired heart with Forevermore

I hope it lasts forevermore…
So the line from the title track croons to your tired heart like the best medicine ever. The latest offering from Irish singer/songwriter is a surprise because I was thinking he would go the same route as his soul-inspired debut SoulRecall album. After all, he does have a soul and he grooves like a master.

Forevermore centers around the theme of relationships..the beginning and the the end of them. The style is more laid back with the simplicity of folk/rock. I think this is the album that is close to his Irish roots. And man, this guy has an amazing voice!

There are 12 original tracks that play around 45 minutes. I am listening to this while sipping my first hot coffee of the day and I tell you, the mood is just right. Most of my favorites are slow tunes. Sleep Forever is cinematic and it demands for a scene in a movie. I think it’s the singing and the emphasis on the piano. This Could Be is another favorite which has a ‘hit’ potential. But I think with more live shows and promotion, this could be possible.

All of the songs in Forevermore are easy to remember and to singalong to. I find myself able to hum them after hearing. I think a lot of singer/songwriters can learn from Dennis McCalmont. He is an example that to be excellent you don’t just write and perform…you gotta have a really good voice with a good range to communicate the emotions behind the songs.

Like I said, I have many favorites in this album. But some of them really needs a mention. For example Out of Darkness has an uplifting hymn-like quality that proves to be a classic. There are more and it is up to you to find out. So go ahead and get this album when it comes out. It is a beautiful and artfully crafted second release from this magical Irish musical artist.

Check out his official facebook page: