The Messiah of Blues and Gospel : Mark Handley

Handley’s Messiah is his latest album.

Mark Handley is a folk singer who sings about the times we live in. He sings about people in humorous situations. ” Are you nameless, are you blameless, are you shameless and brainless..would you sell your soul just to be famous”-so he sings in Celebrity Russian Roulette. He accompanies his songs with an acoustic guitar and harmonica. He also adds sound effects. There are tracks with a full band like in the bluesy Hallelujah Boulevard. He currently resides in Windsor, Berkshire(UK) and does gigs locally.

One of the tracks you have to listen to is the reggae inspired Peace and Joy. I found myself warming to his tunes right away. He has the gift of telling stories through his verses. His voice is supple and has a wide range.

To keep track of his music and gigs, like him and his band through facebook: The current line up include: Mark Handley. Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica… Kevin Mee. Drums, Backing Vocals… Matthew Bailey. Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals and  Tony Storey on Bass.

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Junk Jewellery EP by Reese Robinson ft. Slim

Junk Jewelry.A soulful EP combining talents from both ends of the musical spectrum creating a perfect sound that’s smooth and timeless.

I think the test of a good musician is to be able to play whatever genre and play it good. This is the case of Andrew “Slim” Black whom I featured on my other publication about Celtic music because his album Gallows Tree Tales is really definitive of folk rock and traditional music. Then came this collaboration with Reese Robinson which is a pleasant surprise. She has a strong soulful voice with a great looks to match. She is definitely a diva and hearing the two talents of different musical backgrounds collaborate and make an amazing musical connection is very rare these days. It is rare because  there are listeners and labels that expect to hold you down to whatever genre or market you are tied to.

According to Slim “ I’ve been playing soul and jazz with Reese for a few years – she’s amazing. and we finally recorded some stuff! she’s a superstar.” Indeed she is. The songs go down easy like fine wine.
For now we have two tracks, Junk Jewelry and Moody. The second one is very pretty and sophisticated that is also timeless. It is a kind of song that doesn’t grow old but rather grows on you after several listens.

CD with full EP artwork (Front cover photography by Nathan Bartlett for UK Effect Media / Back cover photography by Deanies Photography / Album artwork by Andrew Black). Released 19 November 2012. Lead and background vocals by Reese Robinson / Acoustic guitar, bass and programming by Slim / Lyrics by Reese Robinson / Music by Reese Robinson and Slim / Produced by Reese Robinson and Slim / Mixed and mastered by Slim at

Andrew “Slim” Black