Sven Faulconer-For the love of film music

I am listening to the film music of Sven Faulconer while preparing breakfast. I tell you, there is nothing more energetic than a life that is SVEN FAULCONER (Composer)surrounded by grand scores and sometimes, what you think becomes you. I started collecting soundtrack albums when I got a copy of Far and Away by John Williams (1992). From there I improved my collection up to the LOTR era. But I think that was the last time I really devoted my collection.

I came across the works of Sven Faulconer while browsing indie films like Beautysleep Symphony which lead me to Tringled. It was Carl Darchuk and the gang who introduced me to the whole new world of independent films and yes people like Sven who works with these artists. Sven was born in Belgium and started studying music at the age of 6. He later moved to Los Angeles to further expand his career. Looks like he made a great choice. More of his music below.

So Beautiful it Makes You Weep…

The Cinematic Orchestra Arrival of the Birds & Transformation

I never knew about the Cinematic Orchestra until Justin Elswick aka Sleepthief posted this wonderful song on his profile. There are few tunes that can be moving it makes you cry to heaven. This is also a soundtrack to The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos .

Music as a Universal Language-Richard Gablick

I have another  special guest today. His name is Richard Gablick and he is recognized as a musician and filmmaker.  I asked him about his musical thoughts and this is what I got. Enjoy folks. I am having a blast posting this. And I am sure you can get something memorable out of this series of guest postings.


Music is the universal language that human beings from all over the world can communicate with. It is expressive and healing to the senses. Music has always been a big part of my life whether I am driving in a car or recording my own music.

I remember pretending I was Paul McCartney from the Beatles and I would use a tennis racquet for the guitar and sing. Later in my life, I would become a self-taught guitarist and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin became my biggest musical influence.

I learned how to use open & alternate tunings of the guitar from Jimmy Page and Michael Hedges. The guitar strings are more richer with a resonating texture when I use alternate tunings. My best friend Jeff Pogas will play the lead guitar using standard E tuning over top of my alternate guitar tuning and the mix of it is quite unique.

IN2 THE MYSTIC is a musical project I started years ago so I could record music for my films. IN2 THE MYSTIC consists of a variety of musicians though it is mainly myself, Jeff Pogas on lead guitar and sometimes Bill Baldwin on lead guitar.

I love middle-eastern music and dancing. It expresses the soul! I also love Rock, Folk, Jazz & Classical music. I like to fuse cultural music with Western music. I love tribal percussion with an electric guitar. It creates an eclectic sound, add a layer of synthesizer strings over top and you can create your own groove. The key to writing is to have people grooving on it too-then you have a kindred spirit with your audience.

I currently have a electric guitar-Fender Squire, a acoustic/electric Ovation, a classical guitar-Yamaha G-65, for strings I use an Alesis QS6.2 Synthesizer and Alesis drum machine, I record on a Fostex MR16 Digital Recorder. I use various percussion drums.

The videos I did with my own music are Trance Dance, The Electric Garden, The Divine Universe, and What If? These can be seen on You Tube under pagerox1

 More about Richard:

Richard Gablick-Filmmaker, Musician, Songwriter and Make-Up Artist.

Musical Project – IN2 THE MYSTIC –Songwriter, guitarist, producer. Performing music for films.

Musical Influences- Jimmy Page-Guitarist for Led Zeppelin. The Beatles. Beethoven.

Film Influences- Stanley Kubrick-Director; Alfred Hitchcock-Director;
Akira Kurasawa- Director.

Favorite Actors- Cary Grant, Christopher Walken.
Favorite Actresses- Ginger Rodgers, Jean Harlow.

Santa Fe Community College –Santa Fe, New Mexico 2005-2007, 2011-Present
Dean’ List
Film Major

Community College of Allegheny College – Pittsburgh, PA 2008-2010
Dean’s List
Studio Art

Notable Achievements
2012 – Make-Up Artist for a CBS series (Untitled) starring Dennis Quaid and Carrie Ann Moss.
2012 – Film- A Moment of Bliss appearing on television in Santa Fe, New Mexico every weekend in April.
2012 – Film – As The Rush Comes – a music video that will star Anais Gonzales dancing ( In production)
2011 – Films- Jessica Maria, Mi Carino, Love Wave and The Divine Universe appear on television in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
2011 – Films – Mi Carino is showcased in the SFCC Film Showcase, What If? is selected on the website of Coast to Coast the #1 Late Night Talk Show in the world-generating over 34,000 views- voted Best Rated Video & Most Watched Video in the Entertainment Section.
2008 – Films – VIDA won Most Watched Video in the Earth-Spirit-Love Film Festival.
2007 – Films – Morning Embrace is nominated in the Santa Fe Film Festival – Art Matters Section-also Morning Embrace is showcased in the New Mexico Film Expo.
2006 – Films – Clown In Trouble- Won Best Comedy in the Santa Fe Reporter Film Festival-Richard was an actor in it-Boss Clown.

Richard was an Expressive Arts Counselor facilitating groups for disabled adults for many years. He has been studying Film for 7 years. Richard was a model for John Casablancas (Elle Ford) in his early life.

Sweet Talk Radio

Jimmy told me about this band. The song is featured in the tv series Haven. This is the first tv series that  I watched with someone special until we had a fall out last year. But I am getting back to this show alone. I love this duo. For more info visit their website: