Sphere Music Podcast #7


Yes again another podcast bringing you the coolest music on the Internet!

Von Shakes-Bali II
Roisin O-Hold On
Heyward Howkins-Nogales
Cocteau Twins-Violaine
Alex Pardini-Trouble In Paradise
Layne Greene-Untitled
Steve Moakler-Run
Drowning Dreams-Leave it all behind
Stephanie Dosen-way out
Sorrow Church– The Wind that Shakes the Barley
Peter Chains-Darkside of the Mind
Don BeeKeeper-Shake the Tambourine
Joel Sarakula-Bohemian
Gavern-The Otherworld Fragments
Peter Chains-Carrion Crows


Lazy Sunday Treat:Ethereal Folkie Stephanie Dosen

At this point I am listening to Vinalhaven Harbour, the second single from Stephanie Dosen. When I glimpse at her CD I didn’t know what to expect from this Wisconsin born artist except this ad that describes the album as a collaboration with Simone Raymonde of Cocteau Twins. I further warmed up when references to Sinead O’ Connor was mentioned.

A Lily For The Spectre was a calming album and I love every tracks on it. There are those that at times don’t induce this kind of feeling, but then again they are still OK. If you haven’t had too much coffee and you want to be perked up then this is not really for you. But say, it is a Sunday and you just want to sit alone and watching the day pass by, all the while thinking about life’s beautiful moments then this one is for you. I give great points to her beautiful soft voice.