Entre deux, Enter Two by Pierre Massé

Pierre Massé, Party in Morocco

Pierre Massé unleashes sonic excitement and lyrical wit with the second album Entre deux, Enter Two.

It is great to follow the lives of interesting musicians to witness the growth of their music as life happens. “Guess you could say where I would be ten years from now”…goes the line of the song” I Will Wait” taken from the second album of Pierre Massé titled Entre deux, Enter Two. The first album Situations was officially released in 2010. At that time, his music was mostly acoustic-based with few ambient flourishes. This was followed by the  electronic remix of the same album which showcased his expertise with gears and the DAW.

Entre deux, Enter Two opens with My Mortal Enemy, a track  included in a series of tracks he streamed online prior to the official release of the album. My Mortal Enemy is characterized by the fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments. His voice has matured too. It has become stronger and fuller. It is more expressive than when Situations was released. Observations1: In Her Eyes…follows. It is instrumental with a soundtracky appeal. The pace is enough to make you lie in bed staring at the ceiling and just let time pass.

When Tomorrow Comes is a rouser. It  explodes in your face after several strums. It’s the result of the aggressive guitar riffs and reverberating bass-lines. Pierre has maintained his typical French slurs which was already noticeable with Situations. Un poète fermé nods on the folksy side, typical of his heroes like Francis Cabrel and other French singer/songwriters.The title track  Entre deux, Enter Two is another instrumental. His acoustic guitar playing has acquired elegance with time. I Will Wait is probably the grooviest track in the album. Great electric guitar solo too. Take note of the rhythm changes. This proves to be one of the fascinating things in this track.

Another instrumental track Observations 2: …Coule cet air merges electronic beats and acoustic instruments. Quelques mots nods once again on his French side where verses are narrated. The track climaxes into an instrumental explosion of  guitars.  It’s the shortest track in the album. Sculpting the Light has rhythm changes and abundant guitar solo parts. The track penetrates your senses like smoke. Dans nos pas closes the album with a forlorn melody. For those who love sensual male vocals with French accent, you will love Entre deux, Enter Two. That, and the richness of his lyrical talent that wraps itself like pasta strands into the tasty bits of his music. Not too sweet, not to sour..a little peppery  but with a dash of bitterness for beer. This is Pierre Massé.

JOEY SMOKES – I’m Not Ready ( Official Radio Version Release )

What makes a certain song work? Certainly it’s more than just the coming together of the chords, instruments and vocals. It has to involve something which we call the ‘truth.’ Hearing “I’m Not Ready” for the first time by Joey Smokes, you get that feeling right away that everything about this track works. From the slow guitar intro up to the pounding chorus, this rock ballad takes you back to the days when music was played in a raw and honest way.

The visceral lines “I am not ready to go” feels like a pendulum swinging until it reaches the point where the emotions tip the balance and everything is pure release.

Joey Smokes


Concentration Isn’t Popular-Thomas McGregor (Essay)

  I met Thomas McGregor a few months back and was impressed with his skill in playing the violin. I later found out that he plays other instruments as well and is equally good with them. He is a film maker, writer, entrepreneur -he is a fine example of a polymath! I approached him about an essay for this blog. I sometimes run out of fresh things to say and I am always grateful when a new voice comes around. And he answered my call. Here is his latest post which also appears in: http://tviolin.tumblr.com/

“Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger.” -Arnold Palmer

Concentration is a word that seems to be thrown around without attempting to

Thomas McGregor in full concentration.

Thomas McGregor in full concentration.

understand what it really implies. The word concentration implies that a person is able to fully focus their attention for a period of time without losing stream of thought or from becoming distracted. The word focus comes from the latin root word “foci” meaning a point at which rays (as of light, heat, or sound) converge or from which they diverge or appear to diverge;specifically : the point where the geometrical lines or their prolongations conforming to the rays diverging from or converging toward another point intersect and give rise to an image after reflection by a mirror or refraction by a lens or optical system(Merriam-Webster). This is extremely important for us to digest. The wording of this definition has the potential to enlighten us to what concentration really means. Specifically, the idea of the rays that intersect in order to give rise to an image.  As we glide through our day we have thousands if not millions of images that flood our consciousness. Most of the time these images are habitual or of no deep significance. When we truly concentrate on a central idea, the images associated with the task come together in an aligned fluid “story-like” movie in our head. This allows us to complete a thought from start to finish, regardless of how deep or lengthy the thought is. Concentration is not as depicted in most circles as this mental state of stress and frustrations towards a goal. Concentration and it’s counterpart, focus, is more like a film reel that should play in your mind as we divulge our stream of ideas on a subject – either; based on knowledge, personal experience, and/or emotion. This makes it into a game versus a struggle. Therefore, I ask the question: Why isn’t a game-like/movie-like approach to concentration popular in this age of mass entertainment? Because we are focused on the outer entertainments versus our intrinsically given inner entertainments. Returning to the moving images and inner game of contemplation and imagination will be the success of the few that take that plunge.


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World Music and Will Smith

Artist: Abou Diarra

I have just started exploring this fascinating instrument that originated from West Africa. How to describe it in sound and structure? Think of it as a hybrid between a Celtic harp or Clarseach, and the banjo. The sound is however closer to the Irish bouzouki. I love it. There is something spiritual and rhythmic about this instrument. The one on the video is known as Kamale Ngoni or young man’s harp invented around the 60’s

Kamale Ngoni

The kamale ngoni or “young man’s harp” was invented by the musician, Alata Brulaye in the 1960s. It is smaller, tuned a fourth higher than the traditional ngoni, often made of calabash rather than wood, and has eight, ten or twelve strings. It became popular in the Wassoulou region and contributed to the rise of Wassoulou music in the 1980s and 90s.-Wikipedia


Will Smith shares his secrets of success

Thanks to my friend Paula for this wonderful link. I was able to watch and be moved by the speech of this wonderful actor who gave us great movies.

More here: http://accelerateme.net/how-will-smith-created-his-ideal-life/ – Will Smith shares his success philosophy. For more on this, click the link above.


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Heyward Howkins Debut LP The Hale & Hearty



There are albums you would like to take with you when you take a vacation. There are also albums you just want to play at the end of the day just to ‘chill’ . The Hale & Hearty by Heyward Howkins fits both situations and needs. The instrumental fireworks that are crafted in this album is what I already consider as  a super bonus.

I have this weakness for records with variety. Something I can listen to again and again and figure out where the mellotron starts or really get fascinated with the tenor trombone, the glock and a dozen of other instruments. This can be tricky, you know, getting these musicians together and making sure it doesn’t sound like traffic in a rush hour.

The Hale & Hearty has energy and quiet reflective moments. For instance, Thunderin’ Stop gives us that teaser of what’s to come. All the vocal harmonies and string arrangements make this album have that great hum along quality of the older decades. His voice is a terrific instrument possessing both the supple nuance and the powerful range of Morissey. The album is like a beautiful movie that unfolds with every track. It is like a walk on the sunny fields. There is richness of melody and words here. These beautiful elements that make this project stand the test of time. I am getting possessive of this album. I am sure you will feel the same when you get your hands on The Hale & Hearty.

Directed by Tyler Costill and Alex Curro.
Starring Gabriel Caste and Megan Becker

Official Music Video for Sugar Sand Stitched Lip by Heyward Howkins.
Featured on his upcoming album, “The Hale and the Hearty.”

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Chet Delcampo (mellotron, keys, guitar, drums, bass)
Charlie Hall (bass, vox organ, vocal coach)
Severin Tucker (guitars)
Richard Stuverud (drums, percussion)
BC Camplight (piano)
Erica J. Penella (flute, vocals, vibes, glock, referee)
Ben Riesman (violin, viola)
Nitzan Haroz (tenor trombone)
Mike Brenner (lap steel)
Gretchen Lohse (Strings)
Shannon McArdle (vocals)
Birdie Busch (vocals)
Heyward (guitars, vocals, uke, banjo, harmonium, keys)

The Hale & Hearty
by Heyward Howkins