#SoulRecall by Dennis McCalmont.


Lending from the atmospherics of Style Council and Marvin Gaye #SoulRecall  is a great contender for this year’s top indie albums. Irish singer/songwriter Dennis McCalmont has created an album with solid tracks and great sonic quality to deliver a kind of listening experience geared for sophisticated ears. The funky execusions and 70s rhythm style are just some of the reasons why you should get this album. The title itself has a kind of familiarity for lovers of social networks in which Dennis is doing good communicating to his fans. The heart of #SoulRecall is its ability to reflect your sentiments. It is an album for everyone in need of something reflective but with urban appeal.

Everyone has a personal favorite in an album. Mine is Speeding Train. It just sweeps through you easily. There is elegance and verve in every note of his tracks. All the songs in #SoulRecall are stunning and  they demand to be listened to again and again. I have to admit that Speeding Train is a perfect opening track for this album in a sense that it summarizes all the things you can hear in the album. The mood, the supple vocal style and also the lounge atmosphere all work. It is a perfect music to come home to while you unwind.

Other favorites are Let the Spirit for its breezy and jazzy style. There are other tracks that I am sure you will love when you give #SoulRecall repeated listens. I know that because there are tracks that have grown on me. This is the first album I played today upon waking up and I feel good!


Dennis McCalmont  is a singer/Songwriter based in Ireland. New Album #SoulRecall available on iTunes. ‘Speeding Train’ ‘Let The Spirit’ Play-listed on Radio Stations across the Globe!

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