Fabienne – Sunstroke


Here is one interesting pop artist. Her name is Fabien and she is based in London. She describes herself as a ‘small town gal’ but there is nothing absolutely small town about her music. Her single called Sunstroke is out. It is an r&b inspired tune (with a music video paying homage to the 80s and 90s). It’s taken from City of Shadows EP. I wont be surprise if this track makes its way into mainstream radio soon. It is so catch with nice hypnotic beats. If you are curious about the lyrics then I am going to post bits of them here. You can also find it via her official YouTube channel.

This escapism at its finest,
Don’t need to be minted to live life like this,
I’ll make you feel like we’re in St. Martins,
Just close your eyes with me,
Come fly with me.
Livin’ like Springbreak, skinny dip in the ocean,
Waves comin’ just roll with the motion,
Oh shit, I got sand in the lotion,
How my head is spinning in the heat.

Wanna take a ride on a jet,
To the beach in my head,
Wanna lay out in the sun with you.
We can get ourselves into trouble,
In a mai tai bubble.
And theres room on my towel for two.
Dizzy Getting lost in a postcard,
Palm trees and golf carts, all I see is yellow and blue,
Give me a little sunstroke.

I think we all need to escape once in a while. I do need that. Damn I can’t shake the melody off my head. She is really good! You definitely need to give her a listen and write a blog about that experience. Thanks to my Scottish buddy Garry for sending me the link to the song. It is such a nice ‘escape.’

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Fabesbabez
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/fabesbabez
Instagram: http://instagram.com/fabesbabez
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fabiennemusic