Swedish band Damen will win you over with their own brand of Indie Rock!

25591632_1711334275586039_6766254288329411803_nWhen you hear Sweden expect nothing less. That’s what happened with new band called Damen. I only heard two tracks from them: Lights and Freud Division. What can I say? I was blown away. My excitement for indie music is once again rekindled all because of the great vibe I got from their music. 

  Oh youth, with your innocence, angst and energy to transform…I am glad I feel you in this band! I describe their music as melodic indie rock, rooted in punk. I love the guitar style which is hard to categorize-part ethereal, part aggressive new wave-that at can sound jangly with a pleasant dose of distortion. The vocals are also notable in terms of range and expressiveness. The beats are irresistible while the bass lines keep things tight and sexy.

  They’ve been around for three years and the members are constantly writing new songs. Freud Division is a tribute to the current generation.

I got this need, I wanna be something
reality shows and whatever on the TV
A.D.H.D come and and label me

Become a star and this all makes sense 
I guess it all collides in the end

I guess it all make sense in the end right? But whatever the song means to you, you can’t deny its beauty.

Lights on the other hand has this nostalgic flavour to it. Like it’s a song recorded in a cigarette clouded radio booth back in the 70s. I love the chord pattern. It sounds like you are floating on air. 

Damen has a distinctive sound that will draw listeners. Hopefully the band will gain more exposure because we all look forward to music that’s really interesting and poetic.

Listen to their songs below.

JC Wrightson. Hear this artist out!



I discovered this artist via Twitter. JC Wrightson is from Sweden and his music is acoustic-based. His singing style is mellow and expressive. He just released a single called The Tree. Nothing is Forever is the B-side. The title track is powerful and evocative.  This song is begging for a good movie. According to him:

I started making music in 2004 when I found myself homeless in Glasgow, Scotland. Music quickly became a cathartic process, and as the years have passed, it has continued to take up almost all my focus. Music is a way-of-life that gives me far more pleasure, and reason for living, than pursuing any of the capitalist idylls.

This is my first release of many. This 2-track single is free to download, I only ask, if you like my work, please show your appreciation and share it with your friends. Because, while I maybe a dreamer, I’m not the only one.

Thanks 🙂