Bingeing on Soundtrack Album for Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ 

It’s not always that we find a decent movie or TV soundtrack. But to find an excellent one? David Buckley has composed a solid musical gem that goes with this fantastic Netflix series, The Sandman. I’ve been a fan of Neil Gaiman for more than twenty years. You can imagine how it felt upon hearing that they’re making a TV adaptation of the graphic novel!

The Sandman is Morpheus, the god of the dream/nightmare realm. To appreciate the story of Sandman, you need to have an insight into Jungian Psychology, Religion, and Mythology. The music captures the mood of the series. His realm is beautiful, magical, brooding, and often baffling. This idea is beautifully translated into moving visuals, thanks to the special effects team and people who designed the set. Neil Gaiman is involved with the series as the executive producer. 

Composer David Buckey has excellent credits, like The Good Wife, The Forbidden KingdomPapillonAngel Has FallenNobodyThe Stranger, and Greenland.

He was a cathedral choirboy before studying music. 

Track list:
1. The Kingdom of Dreams (Main Title Theme) (2:14)
2. Meet Ethel Cripps (2:54)
3. The Threshold of Desire (2:43)
4. Jessamy’s Flight (2:40)
5. The Houses of Secrets & Mysteries (5:20)
6. Dream’s Escape (2:52)
7. Johanna & Rachel (3:44)
8. The Oldest Game (5:28)
9. A Kind Word and a Friendly Face (2:28)
10. God Tells Me to Do It (2:38)
11. Every Hundred Years (1:43)
12. A True Annulet (3:59)
13. Dreams Shape the World (3:25)
14. The Throne Room of the King of Dreams (5:02)
15. Jed Walker, Guardian of Sleepers (2:11)
16. Sleep Well, John (2:50)
17. New Dreams to Spur the Minds of Men (2:01)
18. Even a Nightmare Can Dream (3:23)
19. A Remedy for Poison (2:22)
20. The Truth of Mankind (2:14)
21. Into the Vortex (1:35)
22. Return to the White Horse (1:28)
23. This Is Fiddler’s Green (3:27)
24. Children of the Endless (4:05)
25. There Is Hope (4:26)
26. New Dreams… A New Age (3:06)
27. Fortune Go with You (2:10)