Still Missing: Sacha Talens

A Google plus photo but that page has no updates.

A Google plus photo but that page has no updates.

And so the search for the indomitable and enigmatic Sacha Talens continues. Ophélie who is one of his contacts from France reached out to me a couple of days ago to discuss our common concern for this amazing singer/songwriter from Canada. Sure he is an artist who writes fantastic tunes but he is also a good friend to everyone he meets online and offline. His disappearance left a very big question mark. Has he :

A. Has he decided to quit the music industry to concentrate more on his expertise as a Chef?

B. He decided to unplug from the Internet and found a Buddhist commune to practice his spiritual side to become  a  guru.

C.He is still online in a different moniker.

D. He is just resting for a couple of months and will be back when the right time comes.

But whatever the cause I know Sacha would never pull this kind of thing unless it is a serious matter. I’ve been talking about this matter to my Canadian friend Layne Greene . But he doesn’t live in Toronto. I know Don Beekeeper does. I will trying to ask him if there is a way to trace the whereabouts of Sacha Talens. Mr Talens needs to know that his fans and friends miss him and this world is much better with him around.

He posted this via Instagram a few weeks before the disappearance. A sign of things to come?

He posted this via Instagram a few weeks before the disappearance. A sign of things to come

“The Bathurst Moment” by Sacha Talens 2013 release

Also in this edition Jenny Lewis

Sacha Talens

Sacha Talens: Album name change and other amazing stuff from this Canadian tetris punk rocker

Aside from posting pics via instagram, cooking and doing production  work for the new album(to be released next year), Sacha Talens loves a good chat. He hangs out with Sphere Music to answer some questions in relation to the album’s change of name (initially called ZAZAZA) and other things.

 Why the change in the album title?

It’s funny you ask that. People ask me that relatively often lately on twitter and whatnot, so a couple days ago I decided to write a blog explaining why the title change and all, but the whole thing became pompous and TMI kind of thing, because the final title is like this private joke about Toronto, so it’s kind of tedious to explain those jokes because they’ll never mean the same to other people. So I’ll give a simplified answer. I initially wanted to call the record “Zazaza”, because it was a title that suited well the music. I guess because it’s unlikely, gimmicky, and oddly memorable. I have no idea why I came up with that. It’s kind of similar to Seth Macfarlane’s explanation of why Stewie in Family Guy has a rugby ball shaped head. He said that he had the voice in his head, and he organically felt that that voice just had a rugby ball shaped feeling. So, “Zazaza”.
But then I started mixing, and spending HOURS listening to my voice alone, through huge speakers, so I started noticing the lyrics. It’s odd, but when you live with songs for a long period of time, I guess there’s this “old married couple” effect that takes place, and you just don’t pay that much attention to the content (not as much). When I started mixing (with my producer Phil) songs just had vague labels, in my mind. Balcony Girl was “a cappella, opener, need re-record track 4” and so on. So then I started paying more attention.
“Zazaza” was the title of the music, “The Bathurst Moment” is the title of the songs. (Bathurst is a somewhat sketchy, very long street in Toronto)

 So January 14 2013 is really the official date for the album release. But do you think this might change anytime?

Ok so this is much more simple than the title change. I was with Rudolph, who is my Go To person in BMG, so I was explaining the whole concept of the record to him, showing my artwork ideas, you know, like when you show your homework to a teacher. And he thought January 14th was a better date than October 15th, because we could do more things prior to release, promo wise, etc.. So, yeah, BMG decided that. Which I think is smart. Initially I just wanted to release whatever then just tour, but they like the album and are motivated, so there’s more we’re gonna be able to do, especially with that additional 2 months.

How’s the production going?

Well I mentioned Phil earlier right? He’s been my production partner for years now and he’s like Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction. He can solve any problem. But he’s also such a sound freak. So, basically, he provided the possibility to polish some of these songs a little, because obviously I recorded in my basement, so some tracks were completely gnarly. He single handedly and with absolutely NO budget figured out ways to re-track some drums, percussion, guitars, vocals… I mean, he really saved the thing. The problem is that he’s such a perfectionist that he considered that some tracks needed even MORE production, so him and Miki Lapie (the guy who plays drums on Fish Tank Blues and most of the instruments on Peaches d’Azote) are replacing my drum and guitar tracks in a bigger studio right now. It should take another 2 weeks to get a final master.

 Any interesting musical experience recently?

Well, I had one interesting musical experience that doesn’t involve music. I was in the studio a couple weeks ago, and I met Renaud Letang, Feist’s producer, who was mixing a Lianne Le Havas track. It was surreal. The guy who produced all those records, was there, drinking coke with me and telling me stories about how they recorded this and that. I won’t disclose the conversation, but the guy is so normal, and so are all the guys working in that studio. I truly respect good producers (maybe more than good musicians) because they are 80% of the intellectual engine of any music. Sometimes, when you perceive “talent” in a song, chances are that’s all thanks to a guy who loves fucking around with knobs and buttons.
Other than that, strictly musically, I can give you a little list of stuff I have liked lately, it’s always nice to end with that, right? Here you go:

Bad As Me by TOM WAITS
An Awesome Wave by ALT-J
High Flying Birds by NOEL GHALLAGER
Young Machettes by THE BLOOD BROTHERS
David Comes to life by FUCKED UP
Piano Solo II by GONZALES
Hundred Thousand Pieces by KRIEF
Absolute Dissent by KILLING JOKE
Mahler’s “Cursed” 10th symphony, the one conducted by Bernstein with the Vienna Philarmonic

and this one may surprise… but bare with me, it’s a great record:
Time Waits For No Slave by NAPALM DEATH.

All rights reserved to BMG / Albeancia Publishing.
Produced by Sacha Talens & Philippe Avril.
Arranged By Michael Lapie.

Featured in the album “The Bathurst Moment”, released on January 14th 2013.



Night, you try to make me go color-blind and Night, you’d love to see my dark side, my shadow.
Night, you took my love away and Night, you made a country for albinos and shadows.

Night, you’re pretty girl to see, Night
But your coat is made of dead skin from my mother
Night, you’re a panther in the room, Night,
and you hunt me me under the moon, like a mother.

Day or night invite me out in my body and throughout
I can’t stand anatomy
Night, can you embody my depraved anatomy?
I am eager to eat crow
Life’s half hunt, half comedy.
You can skin me later, though

Night, you have a thing for me and Night, it seems we share the same tuxedo,
as friends do.
Night, the street is calm and shy
Tonight no one will hear us cry in hiccups like friends do.

Night, don’t be fooled by my tone
we share the exact same amount of toxicity
Night, never mind how clear I am,
I’ve had my share of very highly toxic ladies

Day or night invite me out in my body and throughout
I can’t stand anatomy
Night, can you embody a day’s anatomy
back in halcyon days of spree?
Life has bad anatomy and you skin me in its lobby

Even lust has lost faith in me
And there’s no relief in all the pieces of my love

Lady, lady, oh,
Let’s light up the powder keg
Kill the birds with chicken eggs
talking blue verbs to the sky, oh
Night, Can you embody all the antelopes of life,
walking through the busy rye?
Since all bodies make you laugh
you surely made me shoddy
Lost and found anatomy
Dark and round anatomy
I can’t bear anatomy
low low low low
All the crap anatomies
Given to all human beings.
The spirit wanes, the form appears, oh
low low low low low


Jenny Lewis who?

I was chatting to this guy named Daniel a lot via irc. The reason we clicked was because of Peter Chains. I sent him the link to Carrion Crows and he really love it. So that’s how we became friends. He also let me hear some of his demo stuff and they are really awesome. I understand his admiration to Peter’s work. These two men have something in common: amazing musicianship and vocals. In one of our conversations, he mentioned something about the music of Jenny Lewis. Jenny who? I love all types of music but I can still be an ignorant fool. This woman has an amazing voice and great songwriting skills. I am glad I got to hear her!

Official Music video for ‘Black Sand’ by Jenny Lewis
Directed/Photographed by Justin Mitchell
See more at


The Tea House(single) and 5-Song Album Preview by Sacha Talens

Plus: Raftmen and Vowsmusic

Sacha Talens: A possible album cover? We will know this October 5th!

I am one of the lucky music bloggers who got a press kit from Echo Orange Records about the upcoming album of Sacha Talens. ZAZAZA will be released in October 5. These 5 songs included in his press kit will be in the album however, the remaining numbers are going to be SUSPENSE! This Toronto based singer/songwriter will keep your ears glued and your brains roll with his lyrical wit and sarcasm. I have to admit that he is a master craftsman of tunes. He will keep you engaged with his catchy melodies and great hooks. His songs are the distilled ideas that he gathered from learning tunes all over the world and paying attention to different cultures. He knows what makes people tick. Despite his high brow knowledge about music and culture, Sacha Talens knows how to court mainstream listeners with his radio friendly tracks. But he keeps the edgy side of things  that also makes him a no holds barred punk rocker. Watch this page closely for more news about Sacha Talens!

Artist bio:

Sacha Talens is a young Spanish-Canadian born in Montreal (QC) in the mid-eighties (proving BTW that he still is kind of young). A quasi-notorious cosmopolitan, he has lived in various countries such as Ireland, England, Spain and France, and presently resides in Canada. He started writing songs in his young teens and played bass with several bands until he decided to go solo in the late 2000’s. His distinct baritone and his mix of seemingly aberrant influences (punk and classical music? seriously ?) eventually led him to get signed to BMG Rights Management in 2010. Besides collaborating with like-minded artists in several countries, he’s preparing a new collection of songs that will be released as an album ZAZAZA this October 5, 2012.


Raftmen: Heritage EP

Left to right: With Luke Fraser, Cy Giacomin, Alessandro Valiante, Mark Morton and Ben Duinker in Montreal, Quebec.

This Canadian group should have a huge following by now. They create a kind of music that has a nostalgic feel but also groundbreaking freshness, an EP that deserves more plays through your huge speakers.

Heritage EP: takes some of our nation’s finer heritage moments and puts them to song. Featuring the likes of Jean Drapeau, Sam Steele, Billy Bishop, and Sanford Fleming.

Engineered by: Denis Martin and Benjamin Gendron-Smith
Mixed by Denis Martin

All Songs/Lyrics written by Raftmen and Jessica Lange

Featuring Portrait of a Lady string quartet:

Steph Park – Violin
Madeleine Tait – Violin
Lilian Belknap – Viola
Fjola Evans – Cello

Produced by Denis Martin and Raftmen


Featured video: “Born A Wolf”, official music video

From Vows: This is the official music video for “Born A Wolf”, the third track off of Vows’ Winter’s Grave (4/2011, copyright Crystal Mountain Music). The video was primarily shot on location in New Jersey and clips were also borrowed from ( “Wolfblood” (1925), directed by George Chesebro and Bruce Mitchell, and written by Cliff Hill. Check out the band’s official website, and for more updates, shows, and booking info. Please, enjoy, and SHARE! Thank you.

Enya Music to Console Us in These Dark Times


I was reading an interesting article in the New York times following the gun attack at a movie house in Colorado. It says that the suspect brought huge amounts of ammunition via the Internet. What’s scary is that it was revealed that there are no regulation covering the buying of firearms online. This is not just happening in the United States. There has been an increase of gun crime lately. I think we are living in a trigger happy society. What have we brought into the new age?

A few days ago I posted the link to the news via facebook. Then I felt terrible for sharing it so I deleted it. I kept on watching this video by Enya again and again to console myself that there is still good in the world.

Photography: Sheila Rock