Radio Happy Music Compilation for the Haiyan/Yolanda Victims Finalized


Yolande of Radio Happy has already finalized the list for the compilation album yesterday. This will help aid the victims of the tragic Haiyan/Yolanda super typhoon that claimed thousands of lives in the Philippines. I am one of the DJs of Radio Happy and yes I live in the Philippines. International help is starting to arrive but everyone is faced with the difficulty of disseminating the goods due to broken roads, ports and other places that will enable to transport the supplies. It’s been a week after the tragedy and people are still living in dire situation.

Rescue efforts can be viered in this facebook page:

“Spiral Night”

How are you readers of the page? I am glad for the continued support and for the steady stream of visits this page has been getting lately. It is nice to know we both share the same inclination in music. So what do we have on the menu? Electro! Yes I just got an update that Paula and Sascha Simnovec made a new track together called Spiral Night…”spiral night…you shine so bright….”This is a great follow-up to their amazing collab called Antarctica. Now that is also one track I like to play when I am feeling bad. It uplifts the soul.

Spiral Night is explosive. Sascha’s aggressive synths back the track. The chords evoke that feeling of suspense and adventure. This is a song I can imagine being featured in a Sc- fi film. Paula’s voice also has that strong edge. She sounds almost like Loreena McKennitt. I am glad that the internet made it possible for two people to collaborate without being inside the same studio. Paula is based in England while Sacha is in Germany. These two have sent recorded tracks back and forth. That approached proved  very fruitful. I see a great future in this collab work. It shines so bright!