Who is Ed Sheeran and Why is he Singing in the new Hobbit Film?

I saw The Hobbit last night. I loved it. I stayed until the credits. And that’s when the name Ed Sheeran came up in the credits list. The song is  “I See Fire“. Which is very fitting as he’s a redhead himself (pun intended). The tune is bluesy with English folk thrown in. It entered the UK Singles Chart at number 13 and reached number 1 in New Zealand on its sixth week. Like Enya(who performed May it Be in TFOTR), director Peter Jackson personally chose Sheeran(his daughter’s a big fan) to be part of the soundtrack.

Sheeran’s paternal grandparents were Irish and he’s raised as a Roman Catholic. Acts associated with Sheeran are Taylor Swift and One Direction. Yes no kidding. Despite the negative association, Sheeran is a credible and interesting singer/songwriter from London.

Let’s just hope he shows more leanings on less pop oriented acts in the future.


James Bullard has a Soundcloud Page.

The bluesy melodic rock guy  James Bullard from Austin, Texas has an official soundcloud page. I fondly remember the Myspace days when it James Bullardwas easy to listen to your favorite musicians as you have the option to put their page on your ‘top friends’ section. Now, myspace has a very uncertain future. But soundcloud is thriving and because of mobile apps available for Android, Mac or Windows phones keeping track of new recordings is easy. I hope they make improvements with mixcloud as this is another amazing site to upload your music and your dj mix if you have an online radio show.
If you haven’t read my interview with this amazing artist then try to read it here: https://spheremusic.me/2013/02/10/james-bullard-here-and-nowinterview/

be updated with his new post by following his soundcloud page.

Missing: Sacha Talens

Where the hell is Sacha Talens?

Where the hell is Sacha Talens?

One of the mysterious things that happened to the indie music sphere lately is the disappearance of pop rocker Sacha Talens. His whereabouts is unconfirmed. He was supposed to release his second album The Divine in the middle of September. Many big plans were on the way. Then all of a sudden ‘puff!’ Just like that. He disconnected from all his social media sites including twitter which he was very active with.

Instagram is another site he like posting to and that is also a dead zone. What happened? I have no idea. I don’t claim to be the closest person to him but we used to exchange messages every now and then. We even made two memorable interviews for this blog. We were talking about having him as a guest on my online radio show. He is a fun guy to talk to. Always sensitive about the feelings of others. Yes he is quick to react sometimes and does not keep strong opinions to himself. He has been an avid supporter of vegetarianism, gay marriage and free speech. And that makes him a very important artist.  That is why it is disturbing to go to the internet and notice that difference.

I have no idea if he is just having one of these burn out phases while extensively working on a three-album deal with a major publishing company or he just feels frustrated with the state of the music industry. I wish I know but like I said I am still yet to hear from this Canadian singer/songwriter who released the beautiful Bathurst Moment sometime ago. If you know his whereabouts you can contact me through my email and it’s in this site.




Saturday Music Fever

Featured artists: Mary-Jess, Luke Jackson, The Final Year and TV Series Perception

Singer Mary Jess…

I got interested when I learned that this British singer also does world music. I think she deserves more exposure. What do you think?


Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson performs his own song ‘Fathers Footstep Blues’


I want to turn your attention to this  young performer by the name of Luke Paul Jackson. He is 17 but he sounds beyond his age-yeah how a real man should sound. He also writes songs that are really interesting.  Dude it is rare to stumble into someone who really performs MUSIC at such a young age. Thanks to my friend Jimmy for suggesting this.


Featured TV Series : Perception

I like the tandem between Eric McCormack and Rachael Leigh Cook.

PERCEPTION follows a neuroscientist and professor, played by Eric McCormack, who is recruited to help the government crack difficult cases. Join in on all the complex criminal cases as part of TNT’s summer 2012 lineup!

Connect with Perception on Facebook & Twitter:
https://twitter.com/PerceptionTNT #PerceptionTNT

Catch all the drama. Wherever. Whenever:


The Final Year

I am reposting this Canadian band for your awareness. They are touring around Toronto and if you happen to bump into them please say you got the info from me.

released 30 January 2012
Chris Drexler-Lemire – bass
Alex Marsolais-Whicher – lead guitar
Pierre Massé – vocals and guitar
Marco Mazzilli-Daechsel – drums and synthesizer

Music by The Final Year.
Lyrics by Pierre Massé.

Mixed and mastered by Pierre Massé on his MacBook in a variety of locations.