Waiting For Someone – mesh cover by Amino

I always believe that two minds are better than one. Well at least in the case of Amino, it is. And it works! Waiting for Someone is a cover of an original tune by mesh (Richard Silverthorn & Mark Hockings). English singer/songwriter Paula once again showcased her wide vocal range. The mood provided by Kjell Roll Elgsaas is perfect. Paula¬†and Kjell did the programming for the track. This is the kind of tune you’d listen to past midnight when you are in bed watching the ceiling and letting the time pass by.

These two have been busy prior to this collab. Paula has a continuing musical project with Ian Henderson called Nouvelle Electro. Kjell has his Celtic music chillout remixes. Listen or download this track.

Kjell also has a remix page on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kelgsaas