For Nocturnal Cyclists: Whodoes – Night

It’s been a while since I heard something new from Vasilis Chountas who goes by the monicker Whodoes Musica. He brings many influences to his music including his native Greece and progressive/experimental styles that will enchant people with discriminating ears.

Night is taken from his new album Hours. This one is washed in atmospheric melodies and chilled beats. This is a perfect track for night riding- and in my case night cycling! The calm mood is like cool wind against my face. I can close my eyes and dream of deserted parks and empty boulevards. I can think of old relationships and mourn about the obstinate hands of time. I am cocooned in this cool dark sScreen Shot 2018-02-14 at 6.49.38 PMonic web and contented to stay here as I keep hitting playback.

Whodoes continues to evolve as an artist and I am really hoping that many listeners will get to hear Hours and all the wonderful tracks in that album-this one included!

Parts of Me – Madison Park & Beechkraft OFFICIAL Video

i mentioned a couple of days ago that Madison Park and Beechkraft are releasing a new single called Parts of Me. This time the video is available for your viewing pleasure. I like the direction of the video as it reflects the tranquility of the music. Madison Park brings class and artistic grandeur to pop music. I admit I am not the type who listens to mainstream music but this song is both mainstream and alternative. If you are a fan of trip hop groups like Mono, Portishead, St Etienne and The Pet Shop Boys then this is something for you.

I admire beautiful voices and this artist certainly has it. She should work with soundtrack producers and get her voice up there in the silver screens. But who knows? We get a taste of that one day. cover326x326
The video sees Madison Park stepping into a train in black jacket and blue jeans. She’s also wearing a cap over her blond hair. Then there are flashes of her in a stylish dress and boots walking on a field of white daisies. That bandana looks cool. We also see her in a black dress walking in the woods. Electronic music has always been identified with urban scenes in music videos. Or sometimes they can have a Science fiction quality. I am glad this one has scenes of nature which is really refreshing. That scene where she contemplates at the lake is very Zen.
If this is going to be the musical direction of the 2015 album then it is something to be excited about. I miss chill-out pop. I miss beautiful singing. I miss atmosphere and music videos without men or women getting naked and singing songs that have nothing to do with the music video. Madison Park really deserves much respect and praise for Parts of Me.
I learned that a new album is due early 2015. The single is now available for download  here:… or here:… as well as a number of digital download stores. Also listen on Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and more.

Official Website:

Special thanks to Cool New Media, Katrina Weeks, Michael Weeks, Todd Klingenberg and a gang of sizeable mosquitoes for the production of this video.

Because out theme is chillout pop, let me introduce other artists who are also in the category. The first one is a Greek musician and this is his new single. Details below:
Artist : Whodoes –
Song : Memories
Album :Empirico
Editing : Aris Trianatafillou
Graphic Animations : Konstantinos Kefalianos
Special Effects : Taken by INK examples
Extra Help : Giorgos Belsis
Next, is a UK artist Paula. Details follow:
2014 Mix of my vox collaboration Dreams (Midsummer Night)
Music and spoken vox : Loic Rathscheck
Lead vox and melody : Paula
Lyrics : William Shakespeare
(Puck : A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Artwork : Arthur Rackham
© Copyright 2014Lyrics : No more yielding, but a dream, You have but slumber’d here.

Album Review: Empirico by Whodoes

Plus: J.P. Kallio, 10 Awful Things About British Festivals That Should Take A Hike and Pierre Masse

Seasons have a way of influencing how we listen to music. The gloomy months bring out that introspective spirit in all of us. I’ve always have this special interest in contemporary instrumental music. It is another genre which I did not ‘force’ myself to appreciate. It came naturally. With music it is both an emotional and mental experience for me. Emotional in a sense that there are tunes that can ‘transport’ me to another place. There are lyrics that make me bawl like a baby. And I am sure this is something I share with musicians. After all, who else knows the secret places inside a tune than the creator of it- the artist?

When Vasilis Chountas a.k.a. Whodoes told me that a new album is out, I got excited because I remember the beautiful experience I had with Dolphins in the Sky. Empirico has nine tracks with varying moods. Everything about it sounds sci fi and a progression of his minimalistic style which he cultivates with Dolphins in the Sky. Would you believe that his main instrument is just the electric guitar? Everything around it was build by the sounds created by that single instrument. Empirico is for fans of soundtrack, ambient, ethnic, experimental and post-rock music. There is also an unmistakable Greek element in the a0642189950_2melodies as Chountas is from Greece.

Emprico opens with pulsing sounds as if these are transmission from outer space. There is a sense of urgency underneath the calm rhythmic style. T harkens back to the early days of ambient music created by Brian Eno and Tangerine Dream.

One of my favorite tunes is Memories which is also the carrier single. It has that chill out beats and cinematic feel that could be one of those tunes you hear in a suspense/mystery TV series during the opening credits. I love its gradual style and abstract melodic style. Rain is falling hard outside while I am writing this review and I feel like I am swimming in the seas of pleasant music. All those pulsing, underwater life pulsing around me in the form of notes and beats.

There are other great tracks from this wonderful album including Street Romance, Room Alone and the drum-heavy That Night which reminds me of Portishead. Similar track Lost follows with industrial beats and melodies yearning for a resolution.

If you like Vangelis and other artists I mentioned in this review then you will pick up Empirico.


Today’s Featured Artist Blog: J.P. Kallio:

I love reading what artists have to say. That is why I often visit their blogs. If I don’t get to read anything from their website then I go ahead and ask them for an interview. My passion for knowing how an artistic mind works can be traced back to my childhood when I destroyed automatic watches trying to know how the cogs and wheels inside work. Don’t worry I won’t do the same thing to your heads physically 😉


Meanwhile in other music-related news:

10 Awful Things About British Festivals That Should Take A Hike:

I got this link from NME.Do you agree? What do you think?

And lastly, a blast from the past:

14 Questions with Pierre Masse

Here is a memorable interview with the young and talented Pierre Masse Posted on September 9, 2010.

Have a great weekend friends!

Fresh, Unique and Hot!!!

In this edition: Erotic Market ,Whodoes album review, B3nny(past recordings) and Sacha Talens.

Write about what you know. More writers fail because they try to write about things they don’t know than for any other reason.

—William S. Burroughs, “A Review of the Reviewers”

Album Review: Dolphins in the Sky by Whodoes

Dolphins in the Sky is an ambient album composed of 11 instrumental tracks that soar (and swim). The project is composed/performed and recorded by Greek musician Vasilis Chountas (under the moniker Whodoes) who spent ample time mastering the craft of expanding the sound of the guitar using multi-effects pedals, and convert it into other musical instruments.

The album is divided into two parts. It is space music sans the percussion in the first half. The tracks have this maritime feel hence the theme of the album. It is more like urban meets nature kind of concept. I usually play the album and let the time pass by watching the ceiling oblivious to the comings and goings of the world outside. This is the recording you’d want if you are avoiding the intrusion of songs with lyrics.  He doesn’t make ‘sweet’ tunes. These are the kind that you hear being played in TV shows when cars or trains depart under the rain. They maintain that balance between sci-fi and the realistic. More like Blade Runner by Vangelis with faint traces of Pink Floyd.

5PM is probably one of the standout tracks in the first half of the album with its gradual change of chords and build up of instrumentation. The cello-like sound you hear all over is due to the use of a violin bow over guitar strings. The tracks gradually build up into pulsing beats with occasional striking guitar wails. There are times you hear sounds of the ocean like in track 5 called “Waves.” Vasilis did this sparingly as rhythmic beats and gossamer layers of instruments are given more emphasis. “Why” Has an ethnic feel to it. This is one of his compositions that is very Greek emphasizing on ancient scales.

There are surprises here. It starts with track 9 called “Looking Around” with its radio friendly beats and melodies. Track ten has a near industrial rock feel but still wrapped in the atmosphere that is all over the album. Whodoes will appeal to collectors of instrumental music for its Greek spirit and also  for the ecological sounds in the recording. Dolphins in the Sky is an album that has the digital spirit of the future encoded into the protoplasm of ancient music that sloshes, pulses and breath new life into new ears. The album is produced by Kostantinos Yiotas. He also did exclusive mixing for the  tracks Looking Around, Drop in the Ocean and Intro.

Total playing time:51:08

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Initiate
  3. 5 P.M.
  4. Dolphins in the Sky
  5. Waves
  6. Communication is Difficult
  7. Why?
  8. Drop in the Ocean
  9. Looking Around
  10. Dismist
  11. I’m Late

More music are available on:

Album : Dolphins in the sky
Music Composed by Vasilis Chountas

Sound Engineer : Fanis Maragkos & Sotiris Laskaris
Camera : Vasilis Karachoutis
Motion Graphics : Konstantinos Kefalianos


Digging up: Old recordings by B3nny.

I am chronicling the work of Danish artist b3nny who goes by  a lot of monikers including Benny Bomstærk. His real name is actually Benny Bondesgaard Pedersen. He is still wired after The Festival of Good Music this September 28.  Since I am given access to his chest of compositions dating back to as early as 2004, I am taking the liberty of introducing them to you. He has other projects in soundcloud: datamatician, my potential of Hydrogen and faux pas pire.

He mentioned that maybe he should do a new soundcloud page for those… He has 3 generations (both in the generator sense, and in the evolutionary sense), and maybe it would be nice with some sort of audible history of how it evolves. A few days ago he stumbled upon a collection of lyrics he’d written as well as drawings he scribbled. I am curious about the next direction for his work.

B3nny’s work is influenced by composers like John Cage and Morton Feldman or the so-called proponents of Indeterminacy. He mixes them with sketches taken from Math rock, prog rock and space music.  What you get is a crazy salad of musical ideas.

One of the tracks here called  Gowun. It is taken from Noise Decay – Noises And Such From Denmark Vol. 1  Here is the soundcloud sample:

The rest are my own favorites.

He supplied vocals (in French) in this track.

He has been drumming since the age of 7. This one has actual drumming.

Thule Nebula is something he is really proud of. I think it is amazing as well!

I am reminded of Aphex Twin. This is one of his cooler chillout tracks.


Erotic Market – Rumblin (Official Video)

Talk about a stylish video geared towards those with 60s fetish. The erratic percussion and unique melodies can be quite erotic at times. Check them out and decide of  you think they make erotic music or not.

Erotic Market – Rumblin
Directed by Siegfried Marque
Making up : Alexandra Manai
iTunes :
Erotic Market sur Facebook :
Echo Orange Records



Sacha Talens album release announcement

I just receive the news that the album by Sacha Talens might not be released on its scheduled date which is the middle of October. He said “Actually BMG are trying to push the release date and change the album title so it MIGHT not be released on October 15th, or be called Zazaza bummer! but, business is business.”

I have the feeling that this is probably for the best. After all the songs have potential to appeal to a wide array of listeners. So careful planning and promotion are still needed.


By the way…

I think I capitalize on emotions because people like me can’t write when we aren’t emotional about certain issues. There is however the danger that too much emotional exploration can lead you somewhere dark and scary. Especially when you are the type who locks himself in his bedroom for hours every day while wrestling with personal demons. Others could not hear your struggle since you turn the volume of your music up.

I am starting to go out these days. I apologize to my readers if my blogs have gotten a bit personal and has taken the light away from the topics I am posting about. But do know that everything is connected. Like I said I can only write when I feel passionate about certain issues. In this case, music since that is what I am passionate about. But I also advocate things that I consider important. I might not be too vocal about them in this blog but people in my networks especially in facebook know all about them.

In my previous article ‘Looking for the light of the world” I mentioned about the state where someone took the plug out. That is such an awful feeling. I am sure you will agree especially if you have just come out of a really destructive romantic relationship. Or the betrayal of friends whom you want to mark for life and wish they undergo a horrible disease and suffer excruciating pain before they die. Sweet 😀  People like us usually take what we can. And let things happen when they come along. Beggars can’t be choosers.

This edition is both about looking back and at the same time looking forward to the future. We have no choice when fate takes people we love away from us. All we can say in the end is: I guess that’s how it should end. But this isn’t the end. There will be days of overwhelming anger and pain. There will be days of confusion. I don’t have advice for that. But I think we just have to take what we can.