XNOVA And All That (Pop) Chops.


Weekend evening is all about partying and beautiful music for most people. But I am on a brief hiatus from all the cycling and partying. Instead, I am listening to XNOVA. They are a duo from Russia (consisting of¬†Bogdan and Marat) and they play smooth pop music with a right amount of beats and beautiful melodies. There are five songs in their new EP and it’s titled Universe. The title track is a catchy tribute to one’s optimism in the midst of life’s challenges.

Their music has a superb production quality with strong RnB leanings. The loved up synths and sensual beats are enough to put you in the mood. I am certain that with this type of music, XNOVA  will get to see mainstream success. I see this happening with Once A Tree (a husband and wife duo from Canada) today. They are still establishing themselves but pretty soon we will get to hear more music from them!

Music is like a river. You don’t know how long the journey will lead you to the ocean. But passion and courting the right audience are essential tools in getting your art to a wider audience. And I think making music is like making medicine. You get to make people feel better when they are down. Just like the songs of XNOVA. Hear hear hear!