Something Groovy, Something Different: J.P. Kallio – I’m Not Ready (Official video)

For several releases, J.P. Kallio’s signature sound has always been rooted in bare, acoustic rock with occasional session players, but it’s always been just his voice and the guitar. I’m Not Ready came as a surprise because of the introduction of the beats and vocal layering. Released February 12, the song is now available via YouTube and Bandcamp.


Me, enjoying Kallio’s YouTube video inside Starbucks.

I really like it because it is a kind of sound you can listen to when you are on the go. It can be loud but at the same time laid back. And the ‘laid back’ quality of his music has led him to have loyal followers or supporters of his music.

I give two thumbs up to the quality of the song and the video. For those who aren’t aware yet, Kallio is based in Ireland, fronting a Celtic rock band  Sliotar- that is if he is not pursuing his solo career.

The video was shot in Dublin, showcasing the sparkle of the river Liffey by night and also various places like Powerscourt and so much more. If you watch the video you will see various landmarks that I am sure you are familiar with.

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I’m not ready

City lights and neon signs they shine so bright
All through out the night
Through the electric glow Its hard to see the stars
high up in the sky
I can hear a rumble and the beat
The rhythm of this town
Some say it’s just noise I believe its music
And I sing out loud

I’m not ready to put it all behind just yet
The thought of leaving makes my heart ache
There’s still so much to say before I forget
But I can see there’s not much more you can take

I remember just like yesterday the street where we had
Our first kiss
I remember how you broke my heart
Piece by piece
But you picked up the pieces
And mend it into one


released February 12, 2016
The song was written, performed and recorded by J.P. Kallio


Craving for More from FPS (For Pete’s Sake)


FPS (For Pete's Sake)

Band:FPS (For Pete’s Sake)

What they are: Australian Original guitar melody rock !

For Pete’s Sake this trio is amazing!  So let’s give them a listen. Their style is rooted in classic rock, blues with a bit of punk. And if those aren’t enough to turn your heads then maybe that they’re from Australia will. I like the raw sound and the sludgy vibe like thick molasses over whiskey. Pete Wright has a voice that’s emotional but at the same time tough to withstand the crushing sound of the drums, guitars bass and yeah the occasional noisy barroom crowd where they perform. His charisma is partly Tommy Lee Jones meets Chris Isaak. He’s definitely got the ‘it.’

Greg Chaseling on bass keeps the balance by countering the onslaught of the powerful guitar. Drummer Chris Beech work those skins with unrelenting tempo as their music gets fast and heavy sometimes. But there is one element that’s always present in their songs: striking melodies. Songs like Friends and Aware will make you want them to upload more songs as they have very few now. They’ve been around working with other bands but FPS sounds like a solid band that will remain to make a great impression to indie rock fanatics.

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Former Spine by Smashy Claw

Smashy Claw

The band:

Austin Aeschliman (vocals, bass)
Nathan Long (vocals, guitar)
Dave Frey (drums)
Andrew Serr (drums)

Former Spline is an album with sunny disposition from quirky rock group Smashy Claw. In fact when I listen to the songs I am reminded of Weezer and The Beach Boys. If I am sick and spending the whole day at home on medication, then this is the album I’d listen to. It’s fun and rocking but not noisy enough to cause migraines. There are moments when there is a total salad of genres. For example Future Tense is a merging of retro sounds and sci-fi. There are more fantastic tracks like CHOMPCHOMPCHOMP.

I think members of Smashy Claw have achieved what they wanted here. They created an album that is easy to listen to and has a potential to attract listeners who are into catchy radio tunes. The vocal harmonies are tight and the arrangements are not boring. Prozac rock album? Yes.

I think one of the great catch in this album is that it is comprised of 16 tracks. That’s like two albums put together! They are also so good that they can perhaps be therapeutic.


Sphere Music Podcast #4

Peter Chains

Here’s the result of this Saturday’s podcast with special guest Peter Chains.

Farewell to Childhood- Eternal Keys 
Matchstick Girl-Joel Sarakula

Interview with Peter Chains:

Days Long Gone-Peter Chains
Reflection-Peter Chains 
Mistress of Death-Peter Chains 
Miss Razorblade-Johnny Normal 
Sweet Sweet Super Sweet-Happyendless 
Digital Fields-ElectroCelt 
Trainbridge-Eternal Keys 
Self Realization-Korien Daniel Csernei

Sphere Music Podcast #3


Hello indie fans. At last a podcast taken from my radio show on  This is the first so expect awesome bloopers hahahah. I enjoyed playing tunes from these wonderful artists. I am always excited when something new comes up. So yes, enjoy these wonderful tracks.

Alex Pardini-Live to Live
John Munnelly– We Should Go Blind
Under the Wire– We are Infinite
Eric McGrath-Lost Romance
Alien Tribe– Alone in the Unknown
Dephorix feat My.Cosmo-Karma
Johnny Normal-Miss Razorblade(live version)
Alex Pardini-Make me Feel this Way
Layne Greene feat Bryan MacDonald-Inflation
Korien Daniel Csernei-Stand Firm as a Rock
Alex Pardini-Trouble in Paradise