I think I really started listening to music at the time when I started buying my own albums. It was a decade when New Age music, Modern Rock and Indie folk were ‘new’ . I picked up my copy of Enya’s Watermark, Clannad’s Banba, the best of Mike Oldfield, Radiohead, Mono, Dead Can Dance and bam! Everything seemed to make sense. I could say that prior to that period, there was this old me and after that was a world I decided to explore and stay for the longest time.

My love for music did not end on record buying. I started making album reviews for my own amusement. Then Internet happened. Now I am here.

The genres that influenced me branched into two side. The other one is solely devoted to Celtic music which actually sprung from my New Age album collection. This one is the result of my love for contemporary instrumental music, indie folk ,world and jazz. So far the two blogs I am managing right now reflect my eclectic taste.

Site FAQs:

1. We now have the Featured Artist of the Week in place of Interviews. I was thinking that everyone who appeared in that section through the years did have my respect and admiration and I think it is only fitting to change the name.

2. I run another site calledThe Celtic Music Fan. Although it is somewhat different from this one, it still has something great in terms of music to offer. Please check it out too.

3.All the mp3 downloads featured in this website are all approved by the artists themselves and are done out of their generosity to help this site and to give the readers a sampler of their music. I would however encourage everyone to buy songs from the artists. It is through your generosity that the musical culture continues to thrive. Thank you so much for those who have helped. Threefold karma to you all. Remember, without music buyers, audience for the concerts the music will not survive. We are counting on you to buy the songs to help our independent  artists.

If you have questions, feel free to email me: pinoycelt33@live.com

Support This Blog

Sphere Music is owned and managed by one person, that’s yours truly Baxter Labatos. I collect, review and post about music related things online and offline. I do the interviews by getting in touched with the artists themselves if their schedules allow. If you enjoy my articles and you think you want to help out by making it easier for me, then I would be very glad to accept that help! You can buy me a beer  through paypal. Just look for my paypal ID which is  pinoycelt33@live.com and the help will get to me.

Or you can just enjoy and help spread the articles by using the ‘share’ button below.

Apart from blogging I am also an online DJ on www.radiohappy.eu. My show is from 3 to 6 pm German time. If you have requests relation to the genre I play feel free to message me and the email is on this page.

I am also writing for Goth magazine Subkulture covering bands in the darkwave, postpunk,industrial and death rock genre: http://subkulture.net/index.php/sk-magazine.html


One thought on “About

  1. Hi

    Just wanted to share my new song/video. I’m Sophomore , an artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. I only work with hardware and everything I do is recorded live so no computers involved, therefor nothing becomes perfect or according to plan.



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