Souls Worn Thin- Kill Your TV

This is a short but sweet post. It is my day off and I am rummaging through my emails and found my Epictronic Productions email. These guys send me emails if they have music updates. This time it is from this band Souls Worn Thin. It is a high energy song with amazing delivery. It just keeps on banging until the end. Worth a listen and do check out more mudic from them.

July: Beautiful R&B from this British Artist

So I found myself wide-eyed at 2 am. I am getting used to my night shift job, and I get sleepy during the day and wide awake at night. Somewhere in that ruminating, I would reach out for my tablet to play music. I like almost all kinds of music. But the hour demands something smoother, loungy, and gentle.
July is one artist that surprised me. His persona seems laid back, but his music can easily catch your attention. I first noticed the arrangement and use of dreamy keys on top of mellow beats. His voice is smooth and very expressive. His delivery is excellent, and his songs are so good in many situations.
The song that caught my attention right away was Catalina. That’s the name of my late aunt/foster mom, who passed away in 2013. There were moments of sadness when I think of her. This song is a good representation of what it is to me: Catalina is a Diva.
Pokey Lights is another chill-out tune that goes down smoothly. I love listening to this while riding my bike aimlessly around the metro.
July is generous enough to share with me his unreleased tracks, and I am not disappointed. He has a good producer who backs him up. He has a talent that means something. At least it means a lot to me because his songs are beautiful.
Are we expecting an album soon? Well, he is ok releasing singles as opposed to entire albums. This approach benefits him more as an artist. But he needs a push. So let’s push him up there.
I can see a bright future for July. His formula works. His music is something and so much more.

Hania Rani And Her Fascinating Style

I came accross Hania Rani on several ocassions. One of them was through KEXP Live. I love listening to KEXP because the station always showcases diverse independent artists. Hania Rani was one of those musical artists who got filtered through my musical net. Her voice has this elvish quality that feels at home with Scandinavian melancholy. Her last album was 2020’s Home. A collection of classical and electronic styles interspersed with a bit of pop and rock.
It has been a while since I have had an opportunity to talk about current artists. Blame it on the fact that I sold my Macbook Air due to some financial challenges after Covid 19. Now everything is going back on track. I have a good job. I still ride my bicycle. I am still learning to play the Irish wooden flute and my little MIDI keyboard. Nope, I have no intention of becoming a musician. But I love talking and writing about music. All forms of music. I love how the sounds give me layers of feeling that are hard to describe. It’s as if my ears have grown big, and it can absorb so many musical things.

Going back to Rani, I love how she combines elements of minimalist music in the vein of Wim Merten. Her layers of sounds are like landscapes that are yet to be explored aurally. If only we get to hear more artists like her. However, mainstream music can be disappointing. And that is why I love the world of indie music. It is such a vast, colorful, and secretive world. Her music is like that unexplored trail you must spend more time with to immerse yourself in the flora and fauna of her imagination. Her songs have that organic feel. I will write more about her in time to come. But for now, let us listen to her over a cup of chilled tea.

Fuse by EBTG is OUT!

I was never a big fan of Everything, But The Girl, until one of their songs became a comfort song during the most challenging times of my life. It eventually led me to take the music seriously. It made me pay attention to Tracy Thorn’s beautiful voice.
As luck would have it, their new album Fuse is out. I love it. Tracy’s voice has matured into fine wine. I love the smooth jazz meets electronica style of the album. They still got the touch. Fuse is now part of my daily album on rotation. This, along with Mary Fahl’s Can’t Get It Out Of My Head.
You can check out Fuse in all streaming outlets and get the physical media!

Myele Manzanza’s Emperimental Foray into Jazz and Electronica Satisfies

I’ve subscribed to Bandcamp a couple of years ago and I just realised how much I miss the music and the artist updates. It’s been a while and it is great to finally go back. I’ve been listening to Myele Manzanza after hearuing his new release Focus. I don’t know how this artist slipped away from my radar and I tell you I am getting hooked. I love jazz and experimental music at the same time. To get the same thing from one artist is trully a great experience. Manzanza has already release many albums indeopendently. To listen to his musicv at 3 AM is a treat! You should try it.

Drums – Myele Manzanza
Bass Guitar – Benjamin Muralt
Keys & Synths – Lewis Moody