For Nocturnal Cyclists: Whodoes – Night

It’s been a while since I heard something new from Vasilis Chountas who goes by the monicker Whodoes Musica. He brings many influences to his music including his native Greece and progressive/experimental styles that will enchant people with discriminating ears.

Night is taken from his new album Hours. This one is washed in atmospheric melodies and chilled beats. This is a perfect track for night riding- and in my case night cycling! The calm mood is like cool wind against my face. I can close my eyes and dream of deserted parks and empty boulevards. I can think of old relationships and mourn about the obstinate hands of time. I am cocooned in this cool dark sScreen Shot 2018-02-14 at 6.49.38 PMonic web and contented to stay here as I keep hitting playback.

Whodoes continues to evolve as an artist and I am really hoping that many listeners will get to hear Hours and all the wonderful tracks in that album-this one included!

Soundtrack for a rainy night: Standing in the Shadow of your Ghost

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.20.37 PM

Pain, loss, and fear have never been so beautiful as captured musically by Philly indie rockers Stellarscope. If you love albums by Joy Division and The Cure(in the early 80s) then you will love the mood of “Standing in the Shadow of your Ghost.” For me it is fitting in this rainy night. The synths are spacey and the drums are robust. Basically, this album is the creative output of two people:  Tom Lugo & Bob Forman. You can tell that hours spent writing and recording together gave us this trippy output.

Most of the tracks are mid-tempo which is good for background music for dim lights and a book in hand. There are also danceable tracks like Only Strangers Now which calls to mind the late and great Ian Curtis. The gothic brooding of Tom Lugo’s voice and the hypnotic drums of Bob Forman create an almost beautiful form of revelation.

The power of “Standing in the Shadow of your Ghost” is in its craft. The quality of the recording is already evident in the first track and even though there is no darkness in your horizon, you will appreciate this for its creative strength.

The album closes with How it Ends with its oceanic soundscapes. All things must come to an end. Love, no matter how fervent can sadly end. In this sad times of instant gratification, Stellarscope remind us that you can take your tragedy and make it into art. And while we quietly weep for the ghost of our pasts, helpless to the obstinate hands of time, that aching and bleeding part of our humanity refuses to move on yet. Because our stubbornness to hold on to meaning is what makes us human after all.


We Singing Colors: The Coolest Band To Come Out Of Bucharest!

Band bio:

We Singing Colors is an Indie-pop band from Bucharest.

In 2014 has released the first album “Made of wool, made of heavy metal”.

The band played all over Romania, in the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Spain and India.

Their songs were featured on independent radio stations in USA and Canada as well.








If Romania has to offer something in the indie-pop world, then it has to be We Singing Colors. Their music is composed and recorded around the acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. In 2014, they released their debut album “Made of wool, made of heavy metal”. They are well-received in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Spain and India. They also have listeners in North America and their songs are played the USA and Canada.

Songs from Made of wool, made of heavy metal” have universal appeal and I think, with enough exposure and constant touring, they will get mainstream success. Songs like Far, far, far and Destiny will appeal to fans of acoustic folk while their other songs (which are complex and atmospheric) will find admirers in the wider musical spectrum.

I am enjoying their music videos viua YouTube!

Big thanks to my Romanian pal Ionut Proca for introducing the group to me. You should check them out. They are really the coolest band to come out of Bucharest!

Add them on Facebook:


Retro Pop: European Skies Music Video

Video directed by Geno Carrapetta.


Mr Retro Pop is back!

I like this dude. I am talking about Mr Retro Pop Joel Sarakula. He is a down to earth kind of guy and he seems to be the sort who seldom gets offended. He is also very accommodating especially when it comes to explaining his style of music and also how much he has grown creatively after his last album The Golden Age which I reviewed here.

This single is taken his latest album The Imposter which I enjoyed a lot. I took it out for a bike ride, took it to the beach, listened to it during so many sleepless nights. European Skies is a breezy song with that signature 70s sound-I mean Europop and disco. he explained to me that the video is his attempt to be funny. Yeah I totally dig the moves.

I also dedicate this post to the late Melanie Lynch who passed away this year. She loves The Golden Age and I will definitely miss talking to her about this type of music.

Official video for the single Rising Water by James Vincent McMorrow

Finally! The official music video of James Vincent McMorrow. I love his two albums. I know the latest and third wont disappoint!

Pre-order the forthcoming album ‘We Move’:

Official Audio for ‘Get Low’ here:…

Tour Dates…

Starring Annel Ramírez Chavarin, Ruben Valencia Rivera, Miroslava Wilson, Oscar Prado Lopez, Perla Sarahi Torres Ortiz, Andres Garcia, Monserrat Baltazar and David Mariano.

Director: David M. Helman
Production Co.: Freenjoy (
Executive Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Producers: Jeff Kopchia, Mariana Rodriguez Cabarga & Gabriel Stavehagen
Director of Photography: Trevor Wineman
Choreographer: Celia Rowlson-Hall
Production Designer: Ricardo Silva
Editor: Nick Rondeau @ Arcade Edit
Wardrobe: Daniela Maung

Production Coordinator: Paulina Gutierrez
1st AD: Bernardo Jasso
2nd AD: Vicente Rojas

Gaffer: Oscar Inzunza
1st AC: Alicia Pharris
2nd AC: Bret Watkins
Film Loader: Kevin Clark

Sound Mix: Ben Freer @ Eleven Sound
Colorist: Greg Reese @ The Mill
Post Production Producer: Adam Parker @ Arcade Edit

Special Thanks: Camtec, Arcade Edit, The Mill, Eleven Sound and Fotokem.

Shot in Popotla, Mexico.