Kandemic Music is Your Covid 19 Rock Theme Music

We all have our own “Through the Looking Glass” adventure during the pandemic. Yes, it isn’t over yet, but things are getting better in some parts of the world. Everything was surreal, and perhaps a piece of music is needed to sober one up. Kandemic is one of the answers to that. It is what we need. There is rage, anger, empathy, and a sense of humor that the band carries well. 

You can read more about the band’s manifesto through their story. Here’s one exciting paragraph from that:

If we understand that nature has an abundance of anything we need if we treat it right, how could you profit from it? How could the powers that be control us if every one of our needs were met? This is why for years, they have oppressed our natural abilities to the point that we forgot how to use them.

These musicians came from different backgrounds in terms of musical influences. So they used that to create something different and fresh. 

The new single was released this March of 2021. 

According to the band’s bio:

The production team consists of Killabase (ShotgunMunkeyz, Sudalicious ) Zar Acoustic (Headtrip Acoustic Project, Counter Intelligence), J.P. Kallio (Sliotar, Boneyard Bastards, Liberty Hell), NikMartken (Headtrip Acoustic Project, Krude Band)

You can learn more about them and check out new releases through their social media sites. Oh yes, this band is highly entertaining. They are not novelty acts. The music speaks for itself. There’s a lot of artful craft in there, through years of touring and recording. 

Introducing The Space Has Always Reduced Me To Silence by Cielo Oceano

I have written about Tom Lugo’s musical projects in the past. This guy keeps getting better. He also serves other interesting pursuits like martial arts. I even featured him in one of my health/fitness blogs in the past. It’s fascinating how something that you are passionate about can carry you through all the changing seasons of life. It’s like, you can undergo a lot of tests and still be the complete person that you are, especially in the presence of music.

Cielo Oceano is such an auspicious debut-more so as I am writing this blog at 5 am in the comfort of my bedroom. I also added yellow LED lights that resemble fireflies in the corner last night. I did not know how, but it seems my subconscious has picked this album up for review today. Everything seems to fall into place. The mood, the time, the coldness outside, or the pervading sense of peace and hints of melancholy. This music is like little dancing lights in the pond of one’s existence. It is so easy to tap into that because I embrace this kind of musical style.
The Space has Always Reduced Me To Silence is the title of the debut album. It contains ten songs. I suggest you listen to it, at the same time as I do. You can also do it for meditation because the music is hypnotic. It focuses on dreamy and shimmery guitars. The same things that you can find in any Robin Guthrie and Simon Reymonde(Cocteau Twins) projects. I am on the third track, which is the title track; and I love how they end and start each song seamlessly. There is nothing that jolts you out from one mood to another. The production decision is consistent. This is the kind of band where the lyrics are secondary, as the mood is more important. This also reminds me a bit of Brian Eno, in the ambient style department. Nada mas que decir is a personal favorite because it has an 80’s nostalgic aesthetics to it.
This album is a must for people who are into bands like This Mortal Coil and Souls Whirling Somewhere.
I love Cielo Oceano and will be looking for their future releases and incarnations. It is great music to start the day. Let’s dive into this beautiful, sad, exciting, lush sonic voyage and come out better and stronger!

This album is also available on cassette tape.



GenreDream Pop, Shoegaze, Indie Pop

Band MembersAndres Lugo- Guitars, Synths, Programming
Tom Lugo- Guitars, Bass Programming, Vocals

HometownBaltimore/Philadelphia via Puerto Rico

Record LabelPatetico Recordings

AboutEthereal Dream Pop project by Andres Lugo (Pneuma/Los Dientes Hundidos En La Garganta) & Tom Lugo (Stellarscope/Panophonic/MAYU/Under The Wire/ShiShi/SUPERTOYS/Patetico Recordings)

Freestyling with Lane Allen: An Interview

Photo courtesy of Lane Allen’s Instagram

One of the good things writing about young talents is that you can learn what motivates them. I think it is challenging to make it big in this world of constant distraction. It is pretty challenging to be an artist today because there’s a lot of competition out there. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding a way to express yourself and also make a living out of it. I give hip-hop artist Lane Allen a lot of credit for being gutsy with what he does and also how he approached his music on the business side of things. You will never know until you consciously stir your career in the direction where you want it to go. This is something that applies to all types of careers. You have to take the opportunity when it presents itself and also give 100% of yourself to your passion.
Freestyle, for the uninitiated, is a hip-hop style of improvisation with or without the presence of instrumental beats. This is where lyrics are recited with no particular subject or structure. More like the stream of consciousness for those who are into beat poetry. It is like other styles found in jazz, where a lead player does the improvising while the band backs the player with beats and other instruments.

“My old roommate D.lee motivated me to start freestyling because he was already good at it when I was 15,” Allen responded when asked how he got into music, especially freestyling. When asked about the first album he bought, he was quick to say “Blue Side Park by Mac Miller. “
By the way, Miller passed away in 2018. He was a huge and influential singer, songwriter, and record producer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He launched his successful career at the age of fifteen.

His single New Whip(with $teve Cannon) is now out and it’s gathering a lot of views via YouTube. This song is also available via Spotify and other music services for your pleasure. ” It was a lot of fun and easy-going (the video shoots)and nothing was forced at all. (The director) we were having fun in LA.”
I was also curious about the artists who he currently credit s as his biggest influences. “Mac Miller and MF Doom.” Doom is a British rapper, songwriter, and record producer raised in Long Island, New York. His music is also associated with artists like LIL Wayne, Drake, and Eminem.
“I’ve got 5 releases coming with a label I’ve partner with, one being a new single featuring D.Lee, our first track since 2016.”
It looks like the future is hectic and exciting for Lane Allen. Be sure to check him out and share his songs. They can provide a great boost to your day the way a brewed hot coffee does. And I think he’s got his heart in the right place.

Fledge: Poetry Reading and Open Mic @ AAB Gallery & Cafe

Other photos by Revo Yanson and Rukmini Yanson

When you served art at one time in your life, art will make a way to find you. Call it subconscious longing, infinite intelligence, or fate. But you will always find yourself in the same situation and people in those rare instances. And it’s a kind of a wake-up call when these instances happen. You will find yourself looking at the mirror. You will be looking at yourself and you will ask yourself “ Did I sell out? Did I stay true to my true nature?” the answer is either yes or no. But it doesn’t matter. There will always be those rare instances where you will be caught off guard. These rare situations with a lump in your throat, unable to know what to do. And it is a great thing. I will tell you later why.

Tonight was one of those rare nights when the weather and also situation create this inspiration for creative events. One such event is Fledge which is a poetry reading session. For someone who had gone through this, it’s like a renaissance. And something important was happening. This event was about the love for words through poetry. Words are powerful as tools in shaping civilizations, social changes, and as a way of expressing what is human in us all. Words can be weaponized to deceive and destroy-in their darkest forms. But words are also used to heal, nurture, and inspire. And these are what words are supposed to be. It kind of makes you mindful of how you use words right?

Those involved in creating this event are visual artists, photographers, singer-songwriters, musicians, painters, etc. They add their originality to the mix. It’s interesting how everyone has evolved through the years to tackle issues like alienation, work, societal problems, change of career or hobbies, and even parenthood. Happiness can change you, but in hindsight, it’s always for the better. Trust me, being physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy is good for you!

In such a situation, there are moments when you find yourself speechless. Attending Fledge is like being young and fresh out of college again. You are overwhelmed. It could be the crowd. It could be a feeling like fitting into your old clothes. Somehow time has made you different. No, you don’t change. You add layers. And you’re looking a little bit tired and somehow defeated(Thank you, Kenneth, for the insight). But it is ok. It proves that we all want to find that familiar path that we can experience in visual art and poetry. It is good to feel that sense of uncertainty. Why? It’s because it makes you want to catch up. It makes you look forward to the next time. It makes you hungry. And hunger is a great thing. It is what art is all about. So yes, art will find you. And when it does, you better hang around it for the rest of your life.

Looking for Cycling Playlist for 2020? Check this out!

If you are looking for the best cycling playlist via Spotify, then you might want to stream Cycling Music Playlist. It has all the hot artists like Billie Ellish, Marshmallow, The Chainsmokers, and many more. My personal favorite is Bad Guy by Billie Ellish. Yet, that song might be buried within almost 5 hours pf If you are looking for the best cycling playlist via Spotify, then you might want to stream Cycling Music Playlist. It has all the hot artists like Billie Ellish, Marshmallow, The Chainsmokers and many more. My personal favorite is Bad Guy by Billie Ellish. Yet, that song might be buried within almost 5 hours of adrenaline enducing songs.

I got into this after having to choose between albums or songs while in the middle of a long ride. By the way I always strap my Bose soundlink micro because I don’t support cycling with headphones. Having a portable bluetooth speaker can give you the ability to hear incoming or outgoing vehicles. You can still hear the music while paying attention the road and your surroundings. Another reason why I like this playlist is the consistency of the mood all the way. The songs are all upbeat and suited for pedaling.

If you want to discover new music and also fuse it with your love for cycling, then this playlist is something you should follow.