You Are Welcome Home -Casting Ships

Casting ships,album artwork, You Are Welcome Home

Casting Ships is a New York based band that combines British/Irish folk, punk and alternative rock. Casting Ships delivers a melodic collection of songs with an attitude. Their new EP You are Welcome Home  is out. There are four tracks that promise to rock you off your seats. These songs  have hard pounding drums and aggressive guitar riffs compared to their earlier efforts, All the Folk and The Year.

The Casting Ships trademark  is still there.  Rob Samps deliver  the band’s energy to the front with his guitar and vocal(a combination of gruff singing in the tradition of Shane MacGowan of The Pogues). Eli Wolf and Brendan Williams both play the bass, though I am not sure if it’s per track or side by side. But all the bass parts are amazing nevertheless.The pogo dance- inducing drumming of Mike Pistone is also something you should not miss. The mandolin of Brandon Good offers the band’s folk identity. High five to Dana DiLullo’s Piano / Accordion for their awesome atmospheric addition to the band’s sound style.

I have to warn you this. You Are Welcome Home shouldn’t be played loud early in the morning. As what my friend commented” That would be rude awakening.” You Are Welcome Home delivers a collection of songs suited for high energy live shows. All lyrics are by Rob Samps . Additional credits go to producer  Brendan Williams and assistant producer  Patrick Hyland for keeping the things together and creating a good recording experience. Yes, I mentioned the EP’s overall raw energy, however there is one track that’s different.It’s a beautiful ballad  called We Are Wolves found at the end.

More info can be found in the following:
twitter @castingships
instagram @castingships

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