Masse Music, Awesome Talent

Photos by : Karina Visser
Photos by : Karina Visser

Pierre Massé has been multitasking probably since  he was born. What I know about him are the following: He has a rock band called The Final Year, he does electronic music, he knows a wide range of musical genre and he loves Chemistry. There are people out there gifted with extra IQ points to excel in a lot of things. And he is putting this in good use. Like right now. I like his website and got to ask questions…in which he replied with such eloquence you’d think you are talking to a record producer(which he also does).

I told him that I am writing an article about him  and his website

Hey, thanks so much for everything! I really appreciate your interest, and the exposure is great :).
About the website… I designed and built it myself (I’m pretty fluent in CSS/HTML) with photographs by my girlfriend and some advice from my dad (he’s a graphic designer). I guess I’m a true DIY musician! Mostly it’s because I can’t afford to have anyone build it for me… In any case, I’m glad you like it.

He does most of the marketing himself. Social networking has been the rage and he is taking advantage of this media form.

I tried to make my music as accessible as possible. Basically in the sidebar you’ll always find ReverbNation players for both my solo stuff and The Final Year, no matter what page you’re on. As well, there are pages for all of my different projects, and so on each page there are listening options (and for released material, download/buying options).

As a student, Pierre is very balanced. Which is amazing considering the fact that he is an A student.

School’s doing just fine… It’s cutting into my practicing and writing time but I’m enjoying the studying and learning so it’s all good. I’m able to squeeze in time for music so it’s all balancing out pretty well.

We talked a bit about his electronic project and what he can say about it-how it relates to his other rock and acoustic side.

Glad to know you like the electronic stuff! I’m not completely moving away from acoustic stuff but I’m moving into and exploring new directions, combining different sounds and atmospheres. The electronic stuff (so far) has been mostly practice for an upcoming project with my friend Chris (you would remember him as the bassist from The Final Year) – but more on that a little later this year!

So what’s coming up?

That transitions nicely into what to expect next… Well basically Chris and I are going to be working on what’s apparently going to turn out as a full-length album (although it was originally meant to be an EP). We’re writing a lot, and we’ll start recording after this term is done and I’ve had a chance to soundproof my room (which basically means early May). We’re also trying to get The Final Year together this summer for a little jam/recording session, although I won’t say too much about that either – surprises are good!

Regular updates are gonna be on blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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