Cyril Rampal : Nice Unusual Sounds of Black Polygon

Cyril Rampal is a serious guy. As serious as anyone who is into sound Engineering and Nine Inch Nails. I reckon this guy thrives more in dark clubs where the crowd love to dance to electro  laced with Goth. But he is accommodating as he talks about his project Black Polygons. At first I was wondering how he looks like. The artwork revealed nothing. The music is mysterious with an undertow of aggression found in Industrial rock, trip hop and Goth. But there is a touch  of minimalism. The three tracks Chrome, Reverse and Chipset have all the psychedelic glory and down tempo that will make your eyeballs roll.



How did you get into music.

I started playing electric guitar when I was 16 (I’m 22 now), mostly influenced by bands like Deftones, 16volts, etc.. but, I begun making electronic music, after listening to the NIN’s album «Year Zero», bought my first drum machine immediately after that.

What bands/artists influenced you

I really love a lot of bands. The most notable are probably My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, Dntel, Velvet Underground, AIR, Low, Caribou, etc…

What’s the electro scene in Paris.

It’s a shame, but I really have no clue on this one…

 I know this is funny to ask…but I can’t find your photo anywhere.

Don’t take it seriously, it’s mostly because I’m a bit shy. I have a photo if you want it.

Tell me the process of putting the tracks together. I love to know what goes on in your studio when you work on the music, the gadgets and how the whole thing(including the mixing) took place.

Actually, I record lot of stuff and I try get something out of this results. First, I search nice unusual sounds with anything I can find. It can be analog modular synth, or guitar fuzzy echoes or analog drum machine or computer sequencing, then, I try to get a rythm or melodies with that sound. Mixing is really important too. I try to keep the soul, and the authentic sound of the track but with the best result possible.

I hear the aggression in your tracks as stated with your influences. I am also a big NIN fan. Do you have other musical projects budding out other than this one?

Those aggressive sound come from my love for bands like NIN, Deftones, 16volts, ect.. but, the tracks I’ve start to record for my upcoming album sounds a bit more deeper. Still the same kind of stuff, still noisy, still minimalist, still shoegazy, but ….deeper. I really love the new stuff that I’m working on for this album. I’ve no other musical project than Black Polygons.

What is your vision for Black Polygons? What do you see happening to this amazing project in months or even years to come?

I’m just focused on making the music I like. I just hope the most of people will listening to it and will like it. As simple as that.

Do you ever plan to take your music live with audience and a stage?

Yes, maybe, but not for the moment.

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