Our Side – Brianna Gaither Living Room Session

I am one of those proud owners of Love is Patient EP by Oklahoma singer/songwriter Brianna Gaither. I am always excited for news about her music. I got a knock knock from my email concerning this. I am sharing the video to you folks plus a lil message from the amazing musician!

Her beautiful voice just knocks the wall down. Her talent with the piano is notable.  This song is poignant. Share if you like 🙂


Hey there,

I hope things are going well with you! I wanted to let you know about an exciting project I’m just finishing up. I am about to release a live acoustic album called The Living Room Session. We recorded the album during an intimate living room performance in Oklahoma City. It’s going to feature several new songs as well as acoustic versions of songs from Love Is Patient. This music exposes my very heart and I hope that it touches yours! We also filmed one of the brand new songs during that performance entitled “Our Side”. I’d love for you to watch it as a sneak preview of the new album. “Our Side” Live from The Living Room Session: http://youtu.be/eopnykwHWvs Cheers, Brianna

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