Róisín O: Urban Beauty Meets the Mystique

Roisin O

I believe in the saying that if you want your message to be heard successfully, a whisper is more effective than a scream. Even in movies, nothing draws more reaction than something that’s implied. It gives the viewers the chance to fill in the blanks. I think Hold On is a video that’s cleverly executed in its sense of control. It reminds me of the Irish film Garage(2007). But Hold On is a song about palpable hope, about two people trying to stay real in a world that tries to kill the fire inside us. I love it when a director is able to tell so much in a video that spans only more than four minutes.

I am sure Róisín O is used to the reaction of listeners calling her voice: haunting, beautiful, captivating and ethereal. Of course! It’s the Irish in her. I haven’t met an Irish person who is out of tune or who doesn’t have a good voice. I know that everyone in Ireland plays at least two instruments. It’s part of their genetics-the musicality.

A talent like this will open doors to her. Perhaps one day she will find herself singing in a movie. The possibilities are wide. She has the ‘it.’ Her music fits in urban setting but doesn’t fall short of mystical qualities. It is a tune that you listen to when you are driving home from work.  I for one would like to listen to this when it rains. I treasure sadness in songs. I think it is a natural affinity. Life is sad. But like what the song says: Hold ON. Because tomorrow is another day!


Róisín O’s album is available here – http://roisino.bigcartel.com/
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Video directed by Simon Eustace (http://www.simoneustace.com/), and features Aaron Heffernan, Mirjana Rendulic, Geraldine McAlinden and Colin Condon. Special thanks to Dogpatch Labs Dublin.

DP – Arthur Mulhern (http://www.arthurmulhern.com/), shot on RED Epic.

A small spark can ignite the
light and hold it in your heart,
But a small thought can put
it out and hold you in the dark.
When you feel, you can’t figure
out what’s real, When you’re losing
grip and your fingertips are
Screaming let go…

Hold on, please, hold on.

When you find, When you realize you’re
Not the man you want to be
Please come see me, pour me out your
heart and tell me

When you’re tired and lonely, I will wash away your day
When you’re falling and the darkness is taking hold
You can’t beat this, this feeling, any day you’ll be dreaming
And I’ll be there, I’ll be there.

Just Hold On.

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