The Eerie Dance Music of Sound Waves

There is always a kind of music for everyone. These days I am into weird and dark stuff. Sound Waves fit my mood as they create dance music that is not mainstream. I wrote about this musical project back in 2013, I think. So revisiting the ew sounds feel a bit nostalgic and at the same time impressive knowing that I’ve heard this before.
The current track I am crazy about is called Heart Beat. It is now available to stream via Spotify and other outlets Sound Waves chose. I love the groovy pulsing bass and gentle percussion. Nothing is too overpowering; rather, the whole arrangement was meant to build a kind of mood. So if you have nothing to do at the weekend, then this is for you. It is great for lounging after watching a movie or reading a book.
Well, I have to tell you, I watched many Dario Argento movies this week, and this tune reminds me of the feeling you get when you watch these movies. It is also kind of vampiric, which reminds me of an 80s cult classic Near Dark. Go check that out after listening to this.

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