AKWUAR EP: A Blend of Classic Psychedelia and Dreamy Soundscapes.

A Cover Front JPEG_preview

West Germany has created a musical artist who deserves an important space in contemporary music. Patrick Braun (who goes with the moniker AKWUAR) has released a 7-track EP early this year. A music video for the single Millions of Same Faces is also out and you can check it out via YouTube.

The EP is a self-produced consisting of seven songs. According to Braun, the music video has been produced by friends in Lisbon.  The full EP is available in vinyl and digital formats. Now what I like about this music is its quality of being simple and neat yet still manages to be rugged in a classic rock sense. It’s like listening to a Jazz album but only louder.

Braun has a good voice and I am curious what he will do with this instrument in years to come. I am also hooked to the guitar style especially in songs like Millions of Same Faces, Familie De Voyageurs and Superstar. Synths and drums shine in tracks like Do You Deserve my Mind and Garden.

Every song conjures colorful images. His music is predominantly visual even if you are not paying attention to the lyrics. I like this music and I am sure you will too!


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