Forgetter by Mr Little Jeans is a perfect breakup song

There are times in a relationship when we just have to call it quits. This happens when such relationship becomes too toxic to the point that you slowly turning into a monster-like the other person. Isn’t that something we all  want avoid?  But who would have thought right? Being trapped in such a cycle is hell.

Such topic is all over in the latest single of Scandinavian electronic pop artist Monica Birkenes-simply known by the moniker Mr Little Jeans. She received considerable attention with her 2014 Pocket Knife album. It was followed by Fevers EP in 2016. But things have been quiet for the past two years until now. Forgetter marks her return to the studio and hopefully there will be a new album soon.

I love her spacey approach in her instrumental arrangements. I also admire the kind of work she places in her recordings especially her used of vocal harmonies. I admit I prefer her faster songs but this song is growing on me.

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