Happy Birthday to Mary Fahl (former lead singer of October Project)



Photo courtesy of her official Facebook page.

Though life is a battle of wits and constant threat to all types of stability (financial, health and emotional), it is always great to have a beautiful sounding singer in our midst.

Fahl came to prominence as the lead vocalist of New York-based band October Project (who were compared to the likes of Jefferson Airplane, Renaissance, Concrete Blonde and Clannad) in the 90s. The band broke up an she pursued a solo career singing in films like Gods & Generals and The Guys. She continued to tour and release albums. Her song ‘Exiles’  was featured an audio book by Anne Rice(who is a huge fan of hers) called Wolves of Midwinter. I also read that book  and love it! A TV series based on The Vampire Chronicles is currently on the works and there is a talk about her being involved in the soundtrack.

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