The Lotus Bliss

Lotus are a band playing tracks of jamtronic bliss. Glitches of post punk, 70’s funk and electronica are mixed into the project making the tracks danceable but at times just something to sway your head on. The guitars are crunchy, moaning one moment ;teasing the next . This changes your perception of electronic bands.

There is something about the music that gets to me. Maybe it reminds me of bistros or bars with cozy atmosphere and beautiful lights. Or maybe it just reminds me of the genres of music I listened to growing up. Whatever it is, the band will have something for everyone. Even if you are not an electronic music fan, the guitars will draw you in. Totally amazing.

If you feel awful, listen to Lotus. It will sure kick your week the positive way.

Rock, Electronic, Post-Rock, Jamband, Electro
Mike Greenfield - Drums
Jesse Miller - Bass, Sampler
Luke Miller - Guitar, Keys
Mike Rempel - Guit

Music by Luke Miller
recorded and mixed by Bill Moriarty, Luke Milller, Jesse Miller
mastered by Alan Douches





Their new single The Surf is available for download here. 


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