Nmbr11: Exciting Americana album now out!

Following their musical dreams with contemplative tunes. An album that speaks our their hearts and souls is now out.

Bluesy and sophisticated Americana rock. That’s Nmbr11 for you. There is something mystical about 11. That’s how many fingers I have and that is also a balance between two figures. I’m one of the lucky few who got to listen to the previews when the album was being made last year. And to see this finally come true is really exciting.
There are 10 solid track in Follow the song. Nmbr11 don’t really depart from the standard lounge tempo although some are faster than the others. The Way I Do is a passionate love song. Not the saccharine ‘oh baby bay I love you ‘ type. But a really descriptive take on seduction and the consummation of that love.
The Wheel describes the moment of total bliss: “ we’ve done our time, there’s only now.” Yeshiva Lex sounds like she is really a belter and she stretches out her pipes in many of this album’s tracks. I think her voice is a combination of vulnerability and strength as she navigates her artistic instincts, whispering in those verses needing nuance and stretching full force in those needing the message to be delivered.
You can hear both of their voices as duets or in the case of Bulhack, as backing vocals. There are spaces to breath in the tracks where instruments can do their thing. Standing Tall is my favorite as it contains that melody that stays in your head. In general, Nmbr11’s Follow the Song has a wide appeal. I hope one day TV producers will pick one of their tunes for a great series. Wouldn’t that be great?
In Bright Star/Wade the Water, Lex sounds like she is channeling Billie Holiday. I also noticed that he has a close alliance with Jazz which compliments Bulhack’s love for classic rock. We Can Do Anything closes this album. In a way this sum’s up the duo’s optimism in conceiving this album. If you like their recordings, I encourage you to catch them live. Witness the raw but sophisticated energy of Nmbr11 in this artfully crafted debut album.

Listen to samples here: http://www.reverbnation.com/q/5irhhd


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