Something Strange, Something Beautiful: Shades of Living by Dee McIlroy



Singer-songwriter and guitar builder Dermot “Dee” McIlroy has created an ambient album that’s both relaxing and strange. I say strange because if you’ve watched many Chris Carter TV series like the X-Files and Millenium-and even Nic Pizzolatto’s True Detective, Shades of Living evokes those moods. It opens with a suspenseful Where it Takes You. And from there, you are on a journey.

Midnight is a fave track as of the moment. It has that eerie synth sound coupled with slow beats – a perfect company for a midnight bike ride. There are also  the Mexican flavoured Bon Voyage and the upbeat The Edge to set the balance. The closing track Spring sounds optimistic.


Dee McIlroy

Here’s a blurb from his Bandcamp page: “Dee McIlroy’s third album of 2017 (so far) and all completely different genres. This is an album of instrumental ambient chill music that brings you from the dark into light. A mean and moody jazzy start progress’ through various shades, just as in life, to eventually finishing with “Spring”, an enlightening and uplifting final track.”

Guitars, piano, bass, drums, mando, organ and electronic music performed by Dee McIlroy.

Shades of Living has eight tracks and plays around 39 minutes.  Dee also performs with Irish folk / trad group Clanú-made up of Dee McIlroy, Damian McIlroy, Paul Conlon, Niall McIlroy and Fiona McIlroy.

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