Shiny Silvery Things by Cormac O Caoimh:A rich and rewarding brew


This fascinating singer -songwriter and classically trained guitarist from Cork continues to enchant listeners with his third album.

Any Cormac O Caoimh (his last name is pronounced as O Queeve) song signifies chill time. His tunes remind me of summer because of its exuberance and easiness. And that vocal smoothness is my cappuccino. This Irish singer-songwriter has created his own niche in the Irish music scene setting him apart from other styles. His bossa inspired folk pop songs are worth savouring even if you are not digging its lyrical contents.

But I digress, I am not really a lyrics guy as I have admitted in my previous posts. I am always stimulated by sounds that are unique. The lyrics come later. Although good tunes always call for good lyrics wouldn’t you agree? And O Caoimh’s songs always strike me as melancholic. Kinda. Maybe because some of them relate to my personal experiences. For instance ‘second hand clothes’is nostalgic. He uses words like old shoes, phonograph players etc. to convey that longing for childhood again. There are many songs of this type in ‘shiny silvery things.‘ Take note that all the titles in the album are in small caps.

Yes most of the songs have that coffee shop vibe, there are tracks that sort of cross over to the alternative rock category like ‘proud.’ He jumps to classic rock vibe with ‘in the hollow of an old oak.’ The title track is the most playful tune in the album with its retro vibe. A silver lining? Perhaps!

All in all ‘shiny silvery things’ gives me a satisfying listening experience with its various styles and beautiful production. If you have just discovered his music then you better check out his previous albums like The Moon Loses its Memory and A New Season For  Love!

Listening to This is the Past by Months of Indecision is a Good Thing.


They describe themselves as a two-piece lyrical acoustic band from Olympia, Washington. Just punks playing sad love songs.

Months of Indecision are a duo of Ely and Sox. They write and record warm acoustic tunes that I started liking at first listen. They are mysterious but I got this bio from their Facebook page:

Months of Indecision formed in Olympia, WA in 2011 as the brainchild of an old friendship. The duo has since brought their string-driven folk music to audiences across the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Combining elements of americana, country, and soul, Months of Indecision deliver a contemporary sound, yet maintain the candor and clarity of great folk musicians. While performing, Months of Indecision bare themselves with a rare and forthright innocence; it is a treat to be invited into the lives of these talented strangers.

I think it is the cello, accordion and other acoustic instruments that got to me. The simplicity is something you need especially when you are recovering from an illness (like in my case and that is why I got time to write this entry). One of the songs that is becoming a favourite is Home Stuck because it reminds me of an Irish hymn.

Everything about Months of Indecision is enjoyable. The female voice reminds me of k.d. lang. I just love what they do! Check out that amazing video from Balcony TV. You can tell they are amazing.

Listen to their 2015 album This is the Past and enjoy the music:

Like them of Facebook and ask them to play near you:

Depressed? Listen to the Voice of Lauren Ní Chasaide

I first heard of her amazing voice through the social media posts of another Irish singer-songwriter Aisling Jarvis (who is by the way the daughter of Moya Brennan for those who are unaware). Ní Bheidh Tú Riamh Leat Féin is her first public track posted via Sound Cloud. It is in Irish Gaelic which is really addicting to listen to.

I think this is an indication that an album or EP is on the way. I love the studio quality of the song. It has that clarity and lightness that is not commonly found on new recordings by young artists. 12108942_1472089193097944_8904662878831024284_n

In this track, she uses her voice as an instrument on top of her main vocal. I notice a quiver, an ache and a vulnerability which are traits that make her remarkable. We live in a generation where there are amazing young Irish singer-songwriters continuing the tradition of Sinead O’Connor, The Cranberries, Luka Bloom and other fantastic artists that put Ireland into the global music map. How lucky we are!

She also performs pop/indie covers in her youtube channel. I think she is an exciting new Irish talent to watch out for. Only time will tell what genre she will be embracing as she evolves and establishes her fanbase, but it is always exciting to witness an artist gradually blooming like a rosebud to charm our senses! So if you are depressed, this tune will make you happy.

Buffalo Souls by Dan Snyder: A Ride Into Beautiful Sonic Places

Wow, who is Dan Snyder? Listening to Buffalo Souls is like riding a spaceship. It all takes off with the first track Beneath Our Dan SnyderVeins. And then it progresses from there. There are little sounds that sparkle throughout this recording. They are like fireflies or planetary rings that shine. If you listen to in-ear headphones you can really hear them as Buffalo Souls is filled with nuance as it is brimming with cinematic explosions. It is a complex album with many textures and sonic landscapes and this is the kind of music that I gravitate too. It has a lot of room for exploration. For instance, in Mt Rainer, the thundering piano brings fourth the little layered voices and beautiful percussion that sounds like an extraterrestrial has landed. Still this is a marriage of electronic and acoustic sounds. There are instances where I marvel at the arrangement of the drums like in So Close where they are made to sound distant. His wet vocals float around like blankets of mists longing for a resolution in a world filled with maybes.

The floating feeling is consistent throughout the albums. And this is what excellent albums should be about-distinctive style or theme and coherence. The Herd sounds pastural and angelic. If this is the style that he is developing then I say he has a chest of golden sounds. If he continues in this path then I will pursue in collecting his albums as Buffalo Souls created an aesthetic impact in me. And in the closing track getting started, it feels like the journey is just enough. It makes you long for another one, yet the experience is satisfying-not to grandiose and not too humble.

Dan Snyder has a gift of beautiful songwriting. And I think his edge is his being able to use his voice as another instrument. And this is refreshing in this decade where every singer sounds like the last guy you’ve heard.





JC Wrightson. Hear this artist out!


I discovered this artist via Twitter. JC Wrightson is from Sweden and his music is acoustic-based. His singing style is mellow and expressive. He just released a single called The Tree. Nothing is Forever is the B-side. The title track is powerful and evocative.  This song is begging for a good movie. According to him:

I started making music in 2004 when I found myself homeless in Glasgow, Scotland. Music quickly became a cathartic process, and as the years have passed, it has continued to take up almost all my focus. Music is a way-of-life that gives me far more pleasure, and reason for living, than pursuing any of the capitalist idylls.

This is my first release of many. This 2-track single is free to download, I only ask, if you like my work, please show your appreciation and share it with your friends. Because, while I maybe a dreamer, I’m not the only one.

Thanks 🙂